3 Level Ground roasts you need to try

3 Level Ground roasts you need to try

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Level Ground has been roasting coffee on Vancouver Island for more than 25 years. Sourcing their beans from sustainably conscious, fair trade, and 100% organic growers, here are three different roasts we always have ready to brew!

A perfect way to start the morning

Level Ground’s Bright Roast is formulated and designed for anyone who loves a clean, sweet, and flavourful light roast coffee. A blend of Honduras, Ethiopia, and Uganda origins, this juicy, fruit-forward roast has flavour notes of raspberry, almond, and grapefruit. The Bright Roast is a perfect way to start your day, and it works especially well in a pour-over or espresso machine.

A thought-provoking taste adventure

If single origins are your preferred cup, Level Ground’s Democratic Republic of Congo single origin is a complex medium roast, with dark chocolate and black pepper tasting notes. High-grown in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this hard bean Arabica coffee will delight your taste buds with notes of tropical fruit, toasted nuts, and a cacophony of brown-spices. Intrigued? If you like medium roasts, this is a must-try!

A big, bold, enigmatic blend

If you enjoy darker roasts, you’re in luck! Level Ground’s East Africa craft blend coffee is a dark roast with a union of beans originating from Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, and Uganda. This blend has a big flavour that is balanced, spicy, fruity, and chocolatey, with a sweet vanilla and black pepper finish. If you’re looking for a bold, unique cup of coffee, you’ve found it!

If you haven’t had these three coffees yet, you can try them at Level Ground’s Tasting Room, or pick up a bag at your local grocery store, including Country Grocer, Thrifty Foods, Save On Foods, London Drugs, Costco, and more! 

Discover other coffees that match your coffee sensibilities by taking the Level Ground coffee quiz. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll get a personalized coffee profile and find your perfect match.

Find Level Ground online: LevelGround.com 
Instagram: @levelgroundtrading & @levelgroundtastingroom

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