4 Level Ground products you need to try right now

4 Level Ground products you need to try right now

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Locally owned and operated in Victoria, Level Ground has been bringing sustainably conscious, fair trade, and 100% organic coffee to Canada. They produce not only delicious and flavourful coffee but products that practice fair trade agreements with farmers and producers. We’ve had the opportunity to try their products here in Victoria, and these are our top five you need to try:

1. Limited Roast Coffee

All roasts at Level Ground are small-batch roasts, and while you can always find their Espresso, their Limited Roast Coffees are roasted in a smaller lot which means that once it’s gone, it’s really gone! Usually, these roasts are from a new origin and region. If you love coffee, our recommendation is to try these roasts when available, as they are limited edition and very unique. Currently, you can find the new Papua New Guinea Limited Roast in stores and online. Although Papua New Guinea isn’t new to growing and cultivating coffee, Level Ground has never had a Papua New Guinea coffee before.

Grown at 1,350 metres above sea level in the Nebilyer Valley Region of Papua New Guinea, this coffee was processed at the renowned Kuta Mill, which is situated between two areas of tribal conflict in the western highlands. The Kuta Mill operates as neutral ground as both communities rely on coffee production as a source of income.

In this cup, you’ll find some amazing expressions of a beautifully produced South Asian Coffee. This specialty coffee is similar in style to Indonesian coffees, but with some unique fruit and spice characteristics.

Coffee Tasting Notes:
Chamomile, green apple, cacao nib, cinnamon

2. Democratic Republic of Congo Single Origin Coffee

There are few coffees as complex as this offering from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This high-grown, hard bean, Arabica coffee is processed by small-scale farmers. Aromatic notes of tropical fruit, toasted nuts, sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, and a cacophony of brown spices make this coffee the most thought-provoking. It’s delicious in a drip brewer but is such a dark horse in a French press or pour-over. It’s particularly wily and delicious in an AeroPress.

Social Impact: Improved Working Conditions for Women, Health Education on Ebola, COVID-19 and Malaria, Improved Agricultural Practices

Tasting Notes: Aromatic, smooth, dark chocolate, black pepper

3. Peru Single Origin Coffee

There is no coffee more perfect for your breakfast pairing than this lovely gem. It comes directly from the hands of the Nomatsiguenga people in Junin, Peru—just outside of Pangoa (where the growers’ co-operative is). The cup is classically savoury, sweet, crisp, and clean. Great in a drip, press, or pour-over of any lineage.

Social Impact: Indigenous elementary education, Indigenous farmers’ training

Tasting Notes: Savoury, silky, cocoa

4. Dried Golden Berry 

When you’re looking for a delicious punch of flavour, reach for a package of Level Ground’s Dried Golden Berry. They’re a chewy, whole fruit snack with a punch of tartness that will leave your tastebuds looking for more! Plus, they’re classified as a super-food; high in iron, and vitamins A and B.  

Level Ground’s organic, dried fruit is sourced from Fruandes, a Fair Trade Organization in Colombia. Fruandes purchases fresh fruit from small-scale farmers and employs women to hand-cut, dry, and package the fruit. 

With 100 plump, flavourful golden berries in each Golden Berry package, you’ll definitely want to try these out!

Where to find Level Ground Coffee?

Any coffee lover should be happy to know that Level Ground coffee is sold at a wide variety of locations across Victoria, so wherever you are located on the Island, you are sure to find a shop or grocery store that carries Level Ground coffee. Find Level Ground at the following grocery stores: Thrifty’s, Save On Foods, London Drugs, Country Grocer, Market on Millstream/Yates, Costco, and more! 

You can also head over to Level Ground’s website where you can set up a subscription to get your favourite roast shipped right to your doorstep every four, six, or eight weeks.

The Tasting Room: a unique way to experience coffee

Looking to try Level Ground products? Visit their Tasting Room located at 1757 Sean Heights.

Try a coffee flight, an experience well worth going out of your way for. For $10, you get three cups of coffee. You can choose between three different coffees prepared the same way or the same coffee prepared in three different ways. It’s a fantastic way to learn more about coffee, and a wonderful experience to share with a friend.

Find Level Ground online: LevelGround.com 
Instagram: @levelgroundtrading & @levelgroundtastingroom

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