6 cocktails to keep you warm this winter in Victoria

6 cocktails to keep you warm this winter in Victoria

Image: Apple-y Ever cocktail from Lure Restaurant & Bar

From gingerbread to white peppermint, eggnog to tea, the holidays are always a hotbed of artisanal flavours and cozy feelings. After this week’s weather, it’s going to be a winter Victoria’s going to want to warm up to. So, what better way than with some cocktails?

While some of these cocktails are not necessarily holiday-themed themselves, they do have a certain holiday element or je ne sais quoi to them. 

Check them out. 

Some of these cocktail bars were voted best in our 2022 Best Restaurant Awards, presented by Portofino Bakery. The best cocktail bar category is sponsored by Devine Distillery.
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Clive’s Classic Lounge—Masatak Tea Service

Clive’s is cozy all on its own, but the Masaka Tea Service makes it that much sweeter. Check out this hot Japanese whiskey cocktail with sour cherry green tea infused with vermouth, and topped with Cardamaro (a wine-based aperitif) and a few splashes of chocolate bitters.

Clive’s Classic Lounge
720 Burdett Ave.

Wind Cries Mary—Stone Free

Down the stairs off Government Street and into Bastion Square is the always-cozy Wind Cries Mary. This holiday season, check out its Stone Free cocktail—a frothy mix of pinot noir grappa, brandy, plum, clove, and a stout foam topper. 

Wind Cries Mary
45 Bastion Square

Tora Tiki—Tradewinds

Tiki drinks don’t scream cozy, but they have all the ingredients to make it so. The Tradewinds from ToraTiki is especially rich, creamy, and boozy, with three ounces of Appleton, Gosling’s Rum and Apricot Liquer, an ounce and a half of coconut cream, and an ounce of lemon for an extra citrus kick.

Tora Tiki
714 Cormorant St.

Artemis Whiskey Bar—Prima Peanut Fashioned 

The latest cocktail bar in the city is primmed and primed for a proper holiday cocktail, especially with its Prima Peanut Fashioned. It has all of the makings of an old fashioned, but with the rich and creamy flavours of deep-roasted peanuts and an aged straight bourbon whiskey.

Artemis Whiskey Bar
560 Johnson St.

Clark & Co—Maple Butter Old Fashioned

In Canada, maple never really goes out of style. But for the rest of the globe, maple is a seasonal choice. And the Maple Butter Old Fashioned from Clark & Co. is always a good choice—especially when it’s holiday season. Made like a classic old fashioned—with a big ice cube and all—the bartenders at Clarke & Co. add a bit of maple butter to round it out. 

Clarke & Co
1002 Blanshard St.

Lure—Apple-y Ever After

Grab a blanket, head to the waterfront, and sip on the Apple-y Ever—a rum, apple brandy, spiced apple cider, and cinnamon cocktail. It may not be warm to the touch, but it sure feels like it going down.

Remember, if those don’t fit your fancy, don’t be afraid to ask your bartender to make you something with “holiday” ingredients—most aim to please and Victoria has some of the most creative bartenders in the business. 

Written by

Ryan Hook

Ryan Hook