6 must-try tuna dishes in downtown Victoria

6 must-try tuna dishes in downtown Victoria

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We are heading into the tail end of August (gasp!) and although some people are starting to wonder about their fall wardrobe, or how to maximize two more weeks of beach days, we are here to tell you that your palette should prepare for some fresh tuna. From now until October, we are officially in prime tuna season on British Columbia’s Westcoast, so you might as well take advantage of it by maximising your tuna experience in Victoria with these six delicious dishes.

Chicken of the Sea Burger from Bin4 Burger Lounge

If you watched any reality TV in the early 2000s, you will know where this reference came from, (hint: Google Jessica Simpson quotes). This is the heartiest tuna dish on the list and a perfect option for someone looking to fill up on tuna with a pub-style flair. Hot tip: if you want to keep it light but still want to indulge on some fries, skip the bun and ask for this burger on a lettuce stack.

IMG 1617

Bin 4 Burger Lounge
Downtown daily 4pm – 11pm

Tuna taco from Tacofino

This zesty taco is a perfect morsel if you just want a tuna snack, or you can grab a couple for a full blown meal. With lightly marinated albacore tuna, this taco comes topped with a crunchy coleslaw, salsa, wakame seaweed, and pickled ginger in a mild wasabi mayo.

IMG 1586

Daily 11am – 11pm

Tuna Melt from Fishhook

This is not your average tuna melt. With roasted broccolini, scallions, and black sesame, this warm dish with cold smoked tuna is elevated comfort food. A perfect lunch option on a cooler day, you can order this open faced sandwich as is, or spicy. Cozy up in the rear Fort Commons courtyard with this and decide if you dare to go cutlery free.

IMG 1956

Sun – Wed 11am – 8pm, Thu – Sat 11am – 9pm

Bluenose Oshi from E:Né Raw Food Bar

Oshi, a pressed sushi, is both beautiful and decadent, and this style is becoming increasingly popular in Victoria. If you haven’t tried it yet, the Bluenose oshi from E:Né is a fantastic place to start. You will find this aburi (torched) style tuna oshi topped with jalapeno and buttery house aioli. If you only have one place to stop and want to try all the tuna things, E:né is hard to beat. Hot tip: you can also find this oshi on their happy hour menu and save $6.

IMG 3547

ENe Raw Food and Sake Bar
Thu – Mon 3pm – 12am

Tuna Tacone from Red Fish Blue Fish

Are you looking for a crisp and refreshing tuna dish that can still fill you up? The tuna tacone from Red Fish Blue Fish is the perfect option. Their lightly seared tuna and scrumptious coleslaw combo is encased in a perfectly grilled, warm tortilla cone wrap. Sit back and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful harbour as you savour this tuna dish, or take advantage of this ‘no-neck-tilt required’ tacone to-go.

IMG 1556

Red Fish Blue Fish
Daily 11am – 8pm

Tuna Tataki from Ebizo

As any foodie aficionado from Victoria will tell you, if you want the best, most consistent tuna tataki, go to Ebizo. Perfectly tender, lightly seared, and served with a ponzu sauce, you probably won’t want to share these six slices of paradise. You may even want to order extras of the miso-ginger dressed cabbage as even the side on this dish is delectable. Have it naked, dressed in ponzu, or with bites of cabbage, this is the top way to get your tuna fix in town.


Ebizo Japanese Restaurant
Tue – Sat 11:30am – 7pm (take-out only)

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