6 Ways to Use Your Tasting Victoria X Nature Bee Wraps (PLUS a Giveaway!)

6 Ways to Use Your Tasting Victoria X Nature Bee Wraps (PLUS a Giveaway!)

Words by Lois Macorol
Images by Chris Jay

So, you managed to get your hands on the limited edition Tasting Victoria X Nature Bee Wraps. Congratulations, you now own what will quickly become one of your best friends in the kitchen!

Since receiving my own set of these beeswax wraps, I found that I have barely touched my supply of single-use plastic wraps and am always looking forward to the next opportunity to use my wraps. Having these eye-catching pops of colour stored in my fridge or used in my lunch boxes at work makes life feel a little cuter too, and I’m not mad about it.

These limited edition wraps come in three different sizes: small (20 x 20 cm), medium (25 x 25 cm), and large (35 x 35 cm), and in three signature Tasting Victoria prints. Each one is perfectly pliable, self-sealing, and has the nicest, most delicate fresh scent— definitely a nice change from the chemical smell of plastic wraps.

Though they are probably most known for keeping avocados fresh for longer, there are plenty of other ways to use these versatile alternatives to plastic wrap (probably more than you realize). Here are some ideas to get you wrapping!

Keep bread fresh for longer. The large wrap is big enough to fit a whole loaf securely. (But if we’re being honest, who breaks out a loaf of bread and doesn’t have a couple slices? Not me.)

Cover those bowls. The wax in the wraps respond to the natural warmth of your hands and are able to conform to and seal any open surface securely. That means you can use them to cover leftovers, proof dough, and even keep an opened wine bottle fresh.

Save your cheese from getting moldy. While each type of cheese has a specific shelf life, wrapping them with a beeswax wrap may help keep them fresher for longer compared to a plastic wrap that loses its cling after a few uses.

Make a pocket for your sandwiches or wraps. This one was inspired by the convenience of the packaging of a Timmy’s wrap that allows you to keep the food in the package as you eat it, minus the waste.

Save little things for later. I live alone and cook for one, which means I would often have awkward, little pieces of leftover fruit or produce— a lemon wedge, a third of an apple, a hunk of onion that I don’t need at the time but would be a waste to throw away. These wraps are perfect for keeping these foods fresher, as they mimic the natural, breathable peel of most produce. When wrapped properly, even fresh greens can store well without wilting in the fridge for 3 weeks or more, depending on the kind. No more tossing produce that you could have gotten more use out of, and less food waste.

Make wrapigamis. Snack cups, bird-shaped bowls, cracker boxes… if you can origami it, you can wrapigami it too! And while you may not find much use for makeshift food containers made out of beeswax wraps in the comfort of your own home, you may find they are quite useful for outdoor adventures like hiking or camping.

To make sure you keep your new Tasting Victoria beeswax wraps around for as long as possible, remember to wash them only with cold, soapy water and only as required. Don’t use them with anything warm or hot (that means no microwaving!), and definitely don’t use them with raw meat or fish to avoid any cross-contamination. As far as using them in the freezer, some say it’s okay, but I personally wouldn’t, as I don’t want the wax to harden and have the fabric crack in places.

And that’s a wrap! (Sorry, I had to.) If you have any clever ideas on how you use your beeswax wraps, leave a comment on our Instagram post above. And if you’re still waiting to get your hands on one of these, don’t forget to enter our giveaway— you could be one of the lucky three winners to receive a 3-pack set of these whimsy Tasting Victoria X Nature Bee Wraps. Contest ends Saturday, November 28, at 11:59pm PST. Good luck!

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Written by

Lois Macorol

Guest Writer