7 spots to get mocktails in Victoria

7 spots to get mocktails in Victoria

Photo: Boom + Batten Restaurant & Cafe

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There is truly nothing like a cool drink on a hot summer day! If you’re looking to share a refreshing cocktail with friends and or family this summer, but want to forgo the alcohol then check out Tasting Victoria’s list of recommended restaurants and bars for the best ‘mocktails’ this season. Mocktails are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite cocktails, minus the liquor.

Earls Kitchen + Bar

Housed in central downtown, Earls Kitchen + Bar is a prime location for Friday evenings and weekends out with friends. With a happy hour menu daily and a wide selection of food and drinks, Earls is never short on options on their menu. Their menu of spirit free drinks includes KeVita Ginger Kombucha, Soft Drinks, The Green Juice, and Sparkling Yuzu Lemonade, as well as The Remedy and Pineapple Cucumber Mule.

Drink of Choice: Virgin Moscow Mule

1199 Government St, Victoria
Earls Kitchen + Bar

Citrus & Cane

This bar is the hottest place to be when it comes to chic vibes and a lively youthful atmosphere. Citrus & Cane features a wide selection of drinks, including alcoholic free drinks. This colourful bar serves strictly drinks on their menu and is decorated with pink, rose-coloured chairs, and wicker 70s style furniture, along with eye-catching wallpaper that features tropical birds and lush nature scenes. Their spirit free menu includes sodas and zero proof cocktails such as their ‘like a lotus’ and tiki tea-tollaler. Come to Citrus & Cane for drinks that equally match in flavour and design.

Drink of Choice: Lumette Colada

1900 Douglas St, Victoria
Citrus & Cane

The Rack Bistro

Relax and enjoy your free time over a fresh cocktail with friends this summer at The Rack Bistro. This bistro serves a selection of west coast inspired food and a diverse drink menu. With no specific spirit free menu, feel free to ask your server to modify your drink to alcoholic free. Check The Rack’s social’s to keep up to date on their daily specials and featured drinks of the day. Experience the best of the local food and drink scene of the West Coast at The Rack Bistro.

Drink of Choice: Virgin coconut mojito

2345 Millstream Rd, Victoria
The Rack Bistro

Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club Cafe is renowned for its tasty food menu and fun drinks across Canada, with its highest location count being found right here in British Columbia. This restaurant is popular among the young and old, serves creative drinks each season, including spirit free drinks (be sure to check each location’s menu as they are subject to change, depending on the area). The Cactus Club Cafe in Victoria features spirit free drinks like their SOUL REVIVAL with mango and ginger beer and their HEY HIBISCUS with rose and white peach.

Drink of Choice: Brazilian and Gin Lively

1125 Douglas St, Victoria
Cactus Club Cafe

10 Acres Bistro

Find farm-fresh food that is locally grown through the 10 Acres Bistro’s farm, where this local bistro sources their seasonal food for their menus to match the changing seasons. 10 acres also partners with local producers to source the best and freshest ingredients for their menu. At 10 acres you can find their selection of alcoholic free cocktails under their ‘Drivers Cocktail’ section on their menu. Which includes their Earl Grey cream soda, and house-made iced tea. Enjoy the sweetest and most flavourful drinks and dishes for this season at 10 Acres Bistro.

Drink of Choice: The FARM SELTZER or Lavender Lemonade

611 Courtney St, Victoria
10 Acres Bistro

Boom and Batten Restaurant & Cafe

What better way to spend your days off this summer, then on Boom and Batten’s patio under the canopy of the sun. At Boom and Batten choose from a selection of drinks from their zero proof menu; a unique and flavourful selection of alcoholic free drinks. Try out their ‘pina para la nina’ for a virgin piña colada inspired drink. Served with: pineapple, coconut cream, star anise, and lime. Looking for a virgin drink with a bit more of boost to it? Try Boom and Batten’s ‘boom cold brew’, with discovery cold brew, coconut cream, earl grey syrup, lavender cocoa nibs and coconut whipped cream.

Drink of Choice: Passion Fruit Fizz

2 Paul Kane Pl, Victoria
Boom and Batten


Situated right beside the ocean, with an expansive patio space, you will find Glo. A restaurant with a menu to satisfy any cravings! Relax and cool off this summer with Glo’s zero proof menu. Choose from their ‘passion fruit ‘no’jito’, their rosemary basil collins or try a thirst-quenching ginger kombucha (a great option for gut health).

Drink of Choice: Mango Moscow Mule

229 Gorge Rd E, Victoria

Quench your thirst today with these spirit free cocktails!

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Tasting Victoria