Jessica Percy Campbell

Ten Delicious Vegan Snacks at Belle General Store

Meet Katie Mogan: The mastermind behind Belle General
Last spring, our local community was delighted to welcome Belle General to the downtown area. Belle General is a trendy convenience store whose hipster chic style can be likened to Rose Apothecary (Schitt’s Creek, anyone?). Not only do they sell funky stuff from boutique clothing brands like Stay Home Club, but they also offer a variety of unique and exciting snacks. Aside from freshly baked treats from Working Culture, we wanted to find out what other options Belle General had in stock for us. We asked owner Katie Mogan to help us round up ten of their most popular food items. From legendary queso dip to chocolate peanut butter, say hello to Victoria’s self-proclaimed “bougie-7/11”. And, guess what? These amazing snacks are all vegan!

Highlights from Planted Expo: Six Incredible Plant-Based Brands From BC

By: Jessica Percy Campbell (@veganvacationista)  From November 20th to 21st, over 8000 people gathered at Vancouver’s yearly Planted Expo convention. At Canada’s largest plant-based event, ticket-holders were treated to samples from over 200 innovative vendors featuring everything from cashew cheese to carrot-based salmon. Event-goers also gathered to listen to world-famous speakers such as Rich Roll, …

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DeadBeetz Veggie Burger

Victoria’s best veggie burgers

We all love a great burger, don’t we? These days vegetarian and vegan burgers are everywhere you look, and there are plenty of creative options to choose from. Veggie burgers have certainly come a long way from portobello mushroom caps on a bun. Whether you’re on the hunt for a quick plant-based lunch, junky pub grub, or late-night eats, we’ve got you 100% covered. Read on to find out where to try the best veggie burgers in Victoria:

The Best Vegan Desserts in Victoria

Once upon a time, delicious vegan baked goods were pretty scarce unless you baked them yourself. Well, not anymore. Today, so many of our local restaurants and bakeries now have at least one vegan dessert option. Whether you’re in the mood for a box of doughnuts, a custom cake, or a warm cinnamon bun—if you can imagine it, it’s probably available somewhere in Victoria.

Victoria’s best vegan ice cream

Spring has sprung, the flowers are in full bloom and the sun is shining. You know what that means? Ice cream season is among us! Once upon a time, dairy-free ice cream was difficult to find, but not today. Whether you’re vegan, dairy-free, lactose intolerant, or just love ice cream of all kinds, these 6 local shops have got you covered.

Top 6 Vegan Restaurants in Victoria

While veganism was once considered a fringe lifestyle reserved exclusively for the hippie crowd, people from all walks of life are now consuming fewer animal products. This is just one of the many reasons why our local vegan scene is currently booming in Victoria. Whether you’re concerned about your health, the environment, or animal welfare, these days, there are tons of creative vegan-friendly options to explore in this city.

Read on for our list of Victoria’s best vegan restaurants.

Victoria’s first 100% plant-based Indian restaurant

With more vegans per capita than any other province, British Columbia is no stranger to plant-based eating. It’s no surprise that new vegan-friendly restaurants and menu items keep popping up as the movement has only picked up steam in recent years. Now, our local community is embracing its first and only 100% plant-based Indian restaurant, Delhi.