Julia Bobak

Victoria’s Top Thai Restaurants

Why has Thai cuisine achieved such global popularity? Well first, there’s its ability to perfectly balance strong flavours, like spicy chilis, sour lime and tamarind, creamy coconut, pungent fish sauce, and sweet palm sugar. Then there’s the sheer diversity of dishes, from creamy curries to smoky stir-fries and crowd-pleasing crispy spring rolls. Everyone can find something to love at a Thai restaurant.

A foodie tour of Oak Bay

Oak Bay is best known for impeccable gardens and gorgeous ocean views. But it deserves equal praise for its food scene, with an incredible concentration of great restaurants, cafes, and delis. So let’s give it its proper due with a day-long self-guided foodie tour.

Here are eight of Tasting Victoria’s top picks in the area. Walk, run, or cycle between them to build your appetite and take in the scenery along the way.

2% Jazz: more than just a coffee shop

If you’re a coffee lover in Victoria, you’ve likely heard of 2% Jazz coffee and probably enjoyed a delicious brew in one of their cafes. In fact, with 2% Jazz now acting as a wholesaler to other coffee shops and restaurants around town, there’s a good chance you’ve sampled their delightful beans without even realizing it.

Smoke & Mirrors pairs good coffee with social responsibility

Smoke & Mirrors Coffee Co. is a fascinating local company centred on the unusual trio of great coffee, charitable giving, and advanced science. Tasting Victoria was lucky enough to speak with two of the owners recently to find out all about how they started, what drives them, and what we can expect in the future.

Best breakfast sandwiches in Victoria

It’s hard to beat a good breakfast sandwich in the morning, whether it’s a simple brioche with a perfectly cooked egg and melted cheese or a towering concoction of Eggos and crisp bacon. There are countless variations on this classic, all of which provide the perfect fuel to get your motor running on these cooler fall days.

Victoria is a city steeped in brunch restaurants and swimming in great breakfast sandwiches. Lucky us! Keep reading for some of our favourites, plus one intriguing honourable mention.