June Dagnall

Tea-rrific Spots to Enjoy Tea – Tea at the Empress

There is no question that afternoon tea is in style, and it has certainly evolved significantly over the last 200 years.  Culinary chefs these days express their own creative flair and are continually adding new twists to this indulgent British tradition.  Mind you, there are a few tea etiquette rules that still exist and can be fun to follow should you choose. Eat sandwiches first and with fingers, not with the cutlery.  Warm scones should be enjoyed next, and proper etiquette advises that these should be broken in two by hand, not with a knife. 

Adrienne’s Restaurant and Tea Garden – a one-stop haven for whatever is tantalizing your taste buds!

Mattick’s Farm, located in charming Cordova Bay, features a vibrant mix of unique retail shops, professional offices, and the acclaimed Adrienne’s Restaurant and Tea Garden.  The eclectic mix of businesses along with the welcoming setting attracts a diverse range of locals and visitors.  Cyclists drop in as they cruise along the Galloping Goose Trail, locals stop as they pass by during walks with family or friends, and others make the trip by car to experience this quint venue.

The Dutch Bakery and Diner – Creating delicious breakfasts, lunches and bakery treats since 1956

Congratulations to the Dutch Bakery and Diner for celebrating 65 years in business! What is a true recipe for success? For the Dutch Bakery and Diner the answer equates to strong family roots, importance of consistency, quality of product, loyal customers, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These traditional values are why the Dutch Bakery and Diner is now in its 65th year of business serving Victoria locals and visitors.

Monthly super customer service shout out: Bin 4 Burger Lounge

One of the most important attributes of a great restaurant is consistency. Having a consistent experience builds trust with your customers and creates a positive reputation for your restaurant. Consistency encompasses service, food and atmosphere. The June monthly service shout out goes to Bin 4 who nailed this in each category. On a recent Friday night visit to pick up our take out order we once again experienced their efficient and kind service, and then went home to enjoy another hearty and delicious meal.

Monthly Super Customer Service Shout Out! Vis-à-Vis-Bouchon Bar

Vis-à-Vis, meaning “face to face” in French, offers a personalized and engaging experience. The stylish and quaint Vis-à-Vis Bouchon Bar is located in the heart of Oak Bay Village. Bouchon equates to a type of restaurant typically found in Lyon, France that serves traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. The emphasis in a bouchon is not necessarily on haute cuisine but rather a cordial and warm atmosphere. There are small tables and front-row seats at the bar, where visitors are able to interact with the bartender while sipping on a glass of wine, locally crafted beer, or signature cocktail.