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Chef Spotlight Series: Israel Alvarez Molina, Maiiz Nixtamal

In our Chef Spotlight Series, we were able to catch up with Israel Alvarez Molina, the Chef behind the insanely delicious corn tortillas that are Maiiz Nixtamal.  Israel grew up with an appreciation for fresh, high-quality food visiting markets with his mother and grandmother. From there, at 19, he completed a two-year program at the Centro Universitario de Artes Culinarias, in Mexico City and continued that training in Spain at the Centro Superior de Hosteleria de Galicia.  After his four-year education, he was Chef de Cuisine at Pujol Mexico City until life brought him to Vancouver Island to make the tortillas he’s loved his whole life!

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Father’s Day Walking Brewery Tour

With warmer weather looming and a plethora of breweries popping up in Victoria, this coming Father’s Day may be the perfect time to get outside and explore some of the best hops, malt, barley and yeast concoctions Victoria has to offer.

Following along the map with three options to choose from in any order that will make every beer lover in your life happy – regardless of their dad status.

chef joanne la roux

Chef Spotlight Series: Joanne Predan, La Roux Patisserie

Jo began her cooking journey with her spare time in the kitchen and learning, at age nine, from a Hungarian chef. Her formal schooling started at the Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, and continued at Camosun College in Victoria.  She began her apprenticeship in Victoria with Chef Daniel Vokey of Patisserie Daniel and ended with mentorship from Chef Phillip Headen (formerly Wharfside Eatery). Prior to becoming Head Chef at La Roux, Jo worked at Church & State Winery, Uplands Golf Club, and the Union club in addition to many smaller cafes and bakeries around town. 

Chefs Spotlight Series: Chef Castro Boateng House of Boateng Cafe

In our Chef Spotlight Series we were able to catch-up with House of Boateng’s namesake, owner and chef Castro Boateng.  Chef Castro was born in the West African country of Ghana, and moved to Canada when he was nine years old. He studied Culinary Arts at Humber College in Toronto and worked under European Master Chefs Stewart Cameron and Colin Watson at the prestigious Turnberry Resort, in Scotland.

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Chef Spotlight Series: Julia McInnis, Zambri’s

In our Chef Spotlight Series, we were able to catch up with Zambri’s executive chef Julia McInnes. For Julia, food has always been a central part of connecting with family and friends. She grew up watching family members cook and after attending culinary school in Montreal, she took over as the main cook of the family. She started at Zambri’s just over ten years ago as a line cook and has worked hard to become Executive Chef.  She loves working for a family-run business where she is able to learn exactly what it takes to keep a small business going. 

Get your Valentine’s Day chocolates from these five local spots

Christmas is long gone, post-holiday diets all but forgotten, but just around the corner is the romantic holiday synonymous with chocolate. That’s right, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day, and we are here to help find the perfect local selection of chocolates for your love interest, your platonic pal, your work colleagues, or yourself—because frankly, we could all use a little treat! We have put together a list of six places to purchase locally handcrafted chocolates. 

Chef Spotlight Series: Matt Cusano, Boom + Batten

Welcome to the first installment of our Chef Spotlight Series where we were able to catch up with Boom + Batten’s executive chef Matt Cusano. His self-described simplistic, no-fuss, Italian-inspired West Coast-style of cooking focuses on taste over looks. Matt would rather skip the flair and serve you a perfectly cooked and seasoned carrot that …

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Victoria’s Six Best Cinnamon Buns

Nothing screams fall like cinnamon and baked goods, so dust off those sweatpants and get ready to indulge! We dug deep and tested out more than a dozen different raisinless cinnamon buns across the city and rounded out the top six.  Yes, we said raisinless… but if you are a fan of those tiny dried grapes in your rolled cinnamon pastries, some of these locations also have options for you. Read on and you might find some helpful tips and maybe even your new favourite! 

Eggs Benny

The best places to visit in Squamish

Whether you are visiting in the summer for hiking, climbing, and mountain biking, or passing through in the winter for some snowsports, the Squamish food scene will satisfy your adventure seeker appetite. We took a trip through this booming Sea-to-Sky town to give you the lowdown on where to visit.