Paula Raimondi

The King of Market Square: The Making of Los Panas Kitchen

It’s a busy summer afternoon at the historic centre of Market Square in downtown Victoria. Down in the lower courtyard, people line up to grab a seat on the patio of local brewing company Whistle Buoy. With the brewery’s varied selection of drinks and surrounded by food pop-ups, the crowd sits back and soaks up the sun. A tricolour food cart stands in the left corner of the patio, showing off the vivid red, blue, and yellow colours of the Venezuelan flag. Every Friday and Saturday afternoon, Los Panas Kitchen set up and open up their business to serve authentic Venezuelan arepas.

6 Local Gift Ideas you’ll Love

When you’re buying a gift for someone, you’re not just acquiring an object. An item they’ll love or an experience they’ll cherish in years to come are gestures that show that special person that you’re thinking about them. Gifts are a way of keeping in touch with them and bringing a little happiness to their day, wherever they may be.