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Best affordable eats in Victoria

You’re having a day out with friends and are looking for the perfect spot for a delicious meal that is not only tasty but affordable. Here is our list from Tasting Victoria on the best places in Victoria for dishes that not only taste great but are also priced reasonably affordable.

best donuts victoria

Best donuts in Victoria

What’s better than a chewy, sweet, savoury, fleshly fried donut? Here in Victoria, we have more than one delicious place to choose from for donuts. Choose from one or more of these donut shops we’ve listed below!

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Best drink flight tastings in Victoria

Love trying out varieties of drinks? Can’t decide on which wine, sake, beer, or cider to try? Well, look to these restaurants and breweries we’ve featured below for the best drink flights in and around the city! Whether it’s wine, beer, sake, or cider you love, one of these restaurants is sure to inspire a trip out with friends for some drink flights!

The Daily Roast with 2% Jazz Coffee

At the ever-popular coffee shop 2% Jazz Coffee you will find the Daily Roast, the latest collaboration with Capital Daily and 2% Jazz coffee. The Daily Roast is a delicious three-bean blended coffee that is not only unique in flavour but is roasted with skill and ethically sourced.

best new restaurants victoria

Victoria’s best new restaurants of 2022

Victoria is a hub of delicious restaurants, eateries and bakeries, and every year new and exciting restaurants pop up in and around the city. These are some of the newest restaurants to come to Victoria and they are all equally diverse and delicious in their selection of dishes and treats.