Best affordable eats in Victoria

Best affordable eats in Victoria

Photo by El Furniture Warehouse

You’re having a day out with friends and are looking for the perfect spot for a delicious meal that is not only tasty but affordable. Here is our list from Tasting Victoria on the best places in Victoria for dishes that not only taste great but are also priced reasonably affordable.

La Taquisa

Tacos, burritos, salsas and various fillings, and many other tasty dishes, all at La Taquisa. At this Mexican-style eatery, you will find both authentic and affordable Mexican cuisine with a menu that caters to meat, veggie, fish and vegan-friendly options. La Taquisa, comfort food and delicious flavours all in one, crafted with care, all at reasonable price points.

The tacos start at $3.50, Burritos start at $11, and other favourites, like Tortilla soup starts at $6.50.

1017 Blanshard St.

QV Cafe & Bakery

Sandwiches, warm meals, drinks and desserts, QV has it all from take-away to freshly made dishes. Find affordable meals at QV with a menu that is catered around classic comfort dishes, coffee and tea drinks, and delicious baked goods; such as QV’s house-made cakes and cheesecakes and their generously jumbo-sized cookies. Find a chill and inviting vibe at QV, located conveniently close to the iconic and famed Chinatown.

A variety of lunch options starting at $6.50.

1701 Government St.

Beacon Drive In Restaurant

Situated conveniently close to Beacon Hill Park, the Beacon Drive In serves up some seriously tasty comfort food dishes, from ice cream, soft serve cones, fish and meat burgers, fries, sandwiches, milkshakes and more. Grab a meal to stay or go and take a walk through the ever enchanting Beacon Hill park, a perfect picnic spot for the spring and summer.

Breakfast English Muffins starting at $4.50, a variety of combos including fries and pop starting at $9.50, and burgers and more starting at $4.50.

126 Douglas St.

Dutch Bakery & Diner

Cosy and comforting food that is served with freshness and a home-cooked style of flavour is what the Dutch Bakery is all about. Find affordable meals and an atmosphere that is charming and inviting. Stay for a decadent milkshake and sandwich and leave with some delicious marzipan treats in hand, such as the Dutch Bakeries famous dollar roll. 

Mini breakfast for $7.70, a variety of breakfast baked goods for $2.20, Sandwiches starting at $7.20 and more!

718 Fort St.

Fig Mediterranean Deli 

This Mediterranean deli carries all sorts of fresh, delicious and unique products, from freshly baked baklava to whole sliced packaged honeycombs. Try one of their delicious dishes to go or sit inside their humble array of seating. Fig offers dishes such as their selection of pizzas, falafel and meat wraps, salads and an array of dessert options. Find freshly crafted dishes to enjoy and savour all at affordable price points at the Fig.

1551 Cedar Hill Cross Rd.

Fujiya Foods

This Japanese grocery store serves up some seriously tantalising good and fresh sushi, Japanese imported treats and drinks, fish and more. Enjoy the convenience that is Fujiya Foods; great tasting Japanese cuisine at an affordable price. Take your chosen dishes to go and drive up to Mt.Tolmie this spring or summer and take in the spectacular views while enjoying your meal.

Sushi rolls starting at $4.95, Bento Box for $14.95, and a variety of trays to share at affordable prices.

3624 Shelbourne St.

El Furniture Warehouse

Find a lively atmosphere any night of the week at El Furniture. Try a selection of sides or share some mains and a pint with friends this weekend at El Furniture. Affordable late-night eats, a broad menu selection, and a fun spot to eat with friends. Enjoy good food and don’t break the bank while doing it at El Furniture.

Salads starting at $7.15, Burgers starting at $8.45, and they have great daily specials.

533 Yates St.

The Tartan Toque

At The Tartan Toque, you will find ‘comfort food, done right. This casual restaurant specialises in chicken wings, and burgers served with sauces and dressings, all made in house and from scratch. Find comfort knowing that every dish crafted at The Tartan Toque is sourced and crafted with care, attention and pride, to serve up some delicious dishes that are priced fairly and affordably. Excite all your taste buds at The Tartan Toque, bringing classically delicious meals and powerful flavours together.

1507 Pandora Ave.

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Writer at Tasting Victoria