Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants to Try This Fall!

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants to Try This Fall!

Craving some Sushi and or Japanese food? Looking to start Fall off with discovering new delicious restaurants and food? Then give these five hot spots in and around Victoria a try! These restaurants and their atmospheres are diverse and range from casual eateries to fun spots to go on a night out with friends. Some of these spots in Victoria offer take-out and or patio service and dine in. Check out these splendid restaurants for fun flavour-filled adventures!

Bon Sushi

Looking for a fun and casual spot for some sushi? Well, Bon Sushi is the hot spot of Oak Bay for quality sushi, udon and sashimi! With a wide variety of menu options, Bon Sushi is sure to feature a tasty dish for anyone’s preference.

Situated in the pleasant and quaint area of Oak Bay, Bon Sushi is now offering take-out! Just call in and place your order, then pick up at their Oak Bay location and enjoy fresh Japanese food to satisfy you, family or friends.

Try Bon Sushi’s crispy calamari roll; a sushi roll that features deep fried squid, crab, avocado and house made sauce. A favourite among my friends and family, the calamari roll is a savoury, fresh and filling food experience! Try this roll or one of the many others created at Bon Sushi; a restaurant that is bursting with diverse dishes and uber tasty flavours. Order over the phone now for a sushi experience to satisfy and savour.

Location: 1467 Hampshire Rd

Nubo Kitchen + Bar

Looking for a beautiful spot to eat by the harbour to share some Japanese food and fun cocktails with friends? Look no further than Nubo Kitchen + Bar! This restaurant is stylish and taste-testing worthy.

This little joint is owned and operated by the same owners as E:Ne Raw Food・Sake Bar and Nubo Japanese Tapas, so one can be promised splendid food and drinks, at either location.

This Japanese restaurant promises fresh seafood served creatively, with unique flavours and an expansive selection of dishes. This popular joint is open everyday from 11:30am to 11pm. Enjoy a lunch with family or a late night dinner and drinks with friends. Nubo also offers a happy hour from 3pm to 5pm; offering a diverse selection of drinks from classic highballs to a rhubarb spritz.

Check out Nubo Kitchen for views of the harbour with patio seating, or go over to Nubo Japanese Tapas restaurant for a more quaint and casual experience! Now, both offering dine-in and patio service.

Location: 490 Pandora Ave (Nubo Kitchen + Bar)
Location: 739 Pandora Ave (Nubo Japanese Tapas)
Instagram: @nubokitchenbar

Uchida Eatery

This small and cozy restaurant is a hidden gem in Victoria. Uchida Eatery is a quaint Japanese restaurant that has been serving handcrafted food with care since 2012. Not only does Uchida Eatery serve wonderfully delicious food, it also strives to source their produce, fish and meat from nearby farms. Some of this fresh produce is sourced daily from Uminami Farm, which is located southwest in Metchosin.

Currently Uchida Eatery is accepting online orders and pickup from their downtown location, which is just across from the Bug Zoo. My favourite dish is their Negitoro Don, which is served with amazingly fresh chopped albacore tuna belly. I also love ordering Uchida’s onsen egg and mixing it in with my don, along with their JagaSilk Kombucha; also, one of my favourite Kombucha brands.

This splendid food gem of Victoria serves daily specials along with their popular daily menu items which often sell out fast! Make your way down to Uchida Eatery to be served some of the best Japanese food in town! You won’t be disappointed! Order online now, before your favourites sell out.

Location: 633 Courtney St
Instagram: @uchidaeatery

Ebizo Sushi

Looking for a quaint, and cozy sushi and Japanese spot? Well, Ebizo is the place for you! This Japanese restaurant serves creative and satisfyingly fresh dishes and is situated on Broughton Street, near plenty of various shops, bars and other restaurants. Have a delicious take-away bite from Ebizo then take your lunch down to the nearby Inner Harbour for ocean views that will not disappoint.

This restaurant features a wide selection of menu options and drinks, from small sharable starters, donburi, sushi rolls, and main dishes, which are all served with miso soup, rice and vegetables.

Ebizo is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Top off your Saturday weekend activities with a delectable trip to Ebizo to bring some foodie happiness to your day! Call in your order now to Ebizo, for a Japanese food experience that is sure to bring some extra flavour and fun to your day!

Location: 604 Broughton St

E:Ne Raw Food・Sake Bar

Have you every been curious about trying sake? Looking for a Japanese place where they serve delicious dishes with a plethora of options? E:Ne Raw is a sleek, cool and casual restaurant that offers not only amazing Japanese food, but some very tasty sake options.

Open seven days a week, this chic restaurant features a wide selections of sake. If you’re stumped for a choice, try one of their tasting flights. They have three different selections: the ‘E:NE’ (which features the best of the best sake choices); Sommelier’s Choice ( a variety of sake that is hand-picked from each class); and lastly, E:Ne Raw has a ‘Sweet & Unique’ flight (a combination of sake, dessert wine or bubbly options). At E:Ne Raw they serve happy hour from 3-5pm everyday, with all their food priced at only $10. This eatery also features a choice fish option everyday, along with all their regular menu options that are always fresh and served with care.

Not only does E:Ne raw serve dishes that will wake up your tastebuds like never before, but every dish is presented beautifully and plated in a sophisticated and unique way. Get outside and explore all this restaurant has to offer, and take your inner foodie on a trip to remember! E:Ne raw offers a new and fresh atmosphere, with food that is so good you’ll be back for more in no time. E:Ne Raw Food・Sake Bar is now officially open for take out and dine in!

Location: 737 Pandora Ave
Instagram: @enerawfoodsakebar

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