Best of both worlds: Chocolate and Beer

Best of both worlds: Chocolate and Beer

Written by Joe Wiebe from BC Ale Trail.

That’s right, we’re talking about chocolate beers — special beers brewed with chocolate as an ingredient: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cacao beans or nibs, cocoa powder, or even chocolate fudge. Sometimes brewers might even use more than one of these ingredients — and the results can be spectacularly delicious.

Island Breweries

Cake Chocolate Raspberry Stout by Longwood Brewery (5% ABV | 26 IBU) 

No fork needed for this sweet stout, which is layered with dark chocolate notes followed by tart raspberry and a long smooth finish.  Not just good for breakfast, but also enjoyed as a dessert or a late-night snack.

Longwood Brewery can be found on the Vancouver Island Part 1 Ale Trail.

Longboat Chocolate Porter by Phillips Brewing (5.2% ABV)

Longboat pours a beautiful dark brown and oozes bold chocolate flavour. Its rich velvet texture smoothes the senses.

Phillips Brewing can be found on the Victoria Ale Trail.

Two Chocolate Beers from Wolf Brewing

  • Dark Malt Porter (6% ABV | 34 IBU) Rich, creamy and decadent with a subtle dry finish with notes of chocolate and espresso.
  • Black Raspberry and Chocolate Dark Ale Custom created by the brewmaster for Wolf’s nitro tap just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Wolf Brewing can be found on the Vancouver Island Part 1 Ale Trail.

Mainland Beers Available Here

I Don’t Know Half Of You Half As Well As I Should Like: And I Like Half Of You Half As Well As You Deserve by Backcountry Brewing (12% ABV | 40 IBU)

The latest in a series of Lord of the Rings-themed beers. “For all of our admirable and excellent friends we offer you a barrel-aged stout, conditioned on chocolate and made with the finest barley in the South Farling. If you manage to come upon a half or even a full pint you will surely have a night to remember. We bid you all a very fond farewell and of course. Cheers.”

Backcountry Brewing can be found on the Squamish Ale Trail.

Depravity by Container Brewing (5.35% ABV) 

Indulge in this rich and creamy collaboration of chocolate and nitrogen-infused dark beer. Featuring delicate notes of caramel and vanilla with hints of dried fruit. 

Container Brewing can be found on the Vancouver – Yeast Vancouver Ale Trail.

Black Mammoth Winter Ale by Fernie Brewing (8% ABV | 25 IBU)

Rich, strong and decadent, this black ale is complemented by additions of chocolate malt, plus dark organic cocoa and curaçao orange peel. Aged on oak for added smoothness and complexity, this big and boozy brew brings forth rich notes of orange and cocoa, pairing perfectly with dark skies and fresh falling snow.

Fernie Brewing can be found on the Kootenay Rockies East Ale Trail.

Salted Chocolate Porter by Steamworks Brewery (6% ABV | 16 IBU)

Pouring the same colour as rich, dark chocolate this decadent spin on a porter leverages the natural roasted flavours from a variety of specialty malts. After fermentation, the beer takes a trip down the culinary road with generous additions of vanilla and local sea salt. 

Steamworks Brewery can be found on the North of the Fraser Ale Trail.

Cookie Jar Oatmeal Fudge Stout with Sea Salt by Twin Sails Brewing (6% ABV | 30 IBU)

Brewed with a large addition of flaked and malted oats, Cookie Jar is a rich, chewy oatmeal stout brewed with a variety of specialty malts and conditioned on cocoa nibs and vanilla, then finished with a touch of sea salt.

Twin Sails Brewing can be found on the Port Moody Ale Trail.

Check out the full list of chocolate beer at the BC Ale Trail.

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