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The simple burger and fries, a renowned classic, is a tasty meal that holds all the goodness and satisfaction of comfort food. Victoria is home to so many delicious burger joints, each with their very own spins on the ever-popular western dish. We asked our readers to vote for their favourite burger, and it was by no means an easy task. We have compiled for you the top three best burger restaurants in Victoria:

Bin 4 Burger Lounge

This gourmet and upscale restaurant serves nothing but the best when it comes to their burgers. With a generous selection of burgers and sides to choose from, Bin 4 is a well-known, go-to burger joint that brings all the satisfying flavour you’re looking for when biting into a high-end burger. So maybe it’s no surprise that Bin 4 was voted number one by our Tasting Victoria readers as the best burger restaurant in Victoria.

At Bin 4 you can find a diverse selection of burgers to choose from, including some of their most popular picks: the classic Heritage Burger, The Big Spenny, and The Bistro Chicken Burger. For sides, choose from dishes such as Bin 4’s house cut ‘Kennebec’ fries or their signature onion rings. Looking to enjoy all the tasty delights Bin 4 has to offer but at a reduced price? Dine in after 9pm and order any burger for $11 with every drink purchase
911 Yates St.
3271 Maple St.
102-716 Goldstream Ave.

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Big Wheel Burger

Big Wheel Burger

When it comes to creative dishes, vegetarian friendly options, and, of course, burgers, Big Wheel does it best! Big Wheel has all the classic comforts—shakes, sodas, crispy salty fries, and high-quality burgers—all selected and sourced locally, sustainably, and using environmentally friendly resources. At Big Wheel it’s fast food that not only tastes amazing and fuels your body for the day but is crafted with the best of intentions, so you can enjoy a guilt-free meal that has flavours and originality to boot.

At Big Wheel you can choose from an array of menu choices from beef and chicken patties, vegan and vegetarian burgers, shakes, sides, fries, drinks, and even cocktails. Meals are cooked in their gluten-free fryer for celiac-friendly dishes. Try out their Nashville Hawt Chickpea Burger with chickpea, white and wild rice, and russet potato patty with chipotle aioli for an all-around 100% plant-based option.
341 Cook St.
172 Wilson St. #210
771 Vernon Ave. #703

Pink Bicycle

This fun and quaint eatery downtown is unique in both its decor and burgers. Pink Bicycle serves burgers that any foodie can be excited over, with mouth-watering burgers crafted with care, a creative flare, and the freshest ingredients around. Readers at Tasting Victoria voted and chose Pink Bicycle to join our list of the best burger restaurants in Victoria.

At Pink Bicycle you will be welcomed with a plethora of delicious burger choices, including their truffle mushroom burger, maple salmon burger, portabella burger, vegan cheese burger, honey mustard burger, and so many more. If you’re not in the mood for a burger, try one of the many delectable salads and soups, or one of the “extra” dishes on Pink Bicycle’s menu, including their vegan poutine, truffle poutine, mac n’ cheese sticks, and more!
1008 Blanshard St. 

We encourage you to support your favourite restaurants by dining in or ordering takeout—and, of course, try new ones! Let us know what you think by emailing, or reach out on social media at @tastingvictoria.

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Amelia Acedo

Editor at Tasting Victoria