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Seafood—one of the freshest and most popular food categories on the West Coast. It’s no surprise that Victoria has a vast and exciting array of seafood restaurants and eateries, and it was no easy choice for our Tasting Victoria readers to select their top three favourite places to eat seafood in Victoria. These top three seafood restaurants in Victoria live up to their hype with dishes both bold and memorable.

Red Fish Blue Fish

Fresh seafood, savoury deep fried fish and chips, savoury tacones, grilled or tempura fried sandwiches, seafood chowder, an expansive view of the beautiful inner harbour…What more could you ask for from a Victoria restaurant. Red Fish Blue Fish is known far and wide as one of the best seafood eateries in Victoria and was voted as THE number one seafood spot in Victoria this year. 

Locally and sustainably sourced fish and seafood is what this restaurant is all about. At Red Fish Blue Fish you can expect the freshest and most mouth-watering seafood around.  If you like tacos and or burritos then you’ll love tacones! Tacones are Red Fish Blue Fish’s popular hand rolled taco, consisting of a grilled flour tortilla with pea shoots, housemade sauce, coleslaw, lemon-pickled onions, and your choice of either albacore tuna, wild salmon, jerk fish, or tempura cod. If you’re really famished (and in good company) order all four kinds to share and enjoy, alongside any other main or side dish of your choosing. (Please note that Red Fish Blue Fish is closed during the winter.)
1006 Wharf St.

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Ferris Upstairs

Ferris Upstairs

Situated close by the inner harbour and inside a quaint and charming brick building you will find Ferris’ Upstairs. Not unlike its downstairs restaurant, Ferris’ Upstairs serves decadent and delightfully crafted seafood cuisine. Picture yourself in a warmly candle lit restaurant with rich wood flooring and charming brick walls accompanied by broad windows bringing in a vast amount of natural evening light, all while your senses are filled with the sweeping aromas of a warm dinner and a richly aromatic glass of wine. Sounds romantic? Relaxing? Appetizing? Well, this is what Ferris’ Upstairs is all about, and that’s why it was voted by our Tasting Victoria readers to be on our list of the top three best seafood restaurants in Victoria.

There is much to be enjoyed at Ferris’ Upstairs, from locally caught seafood, a vast wine list, and other exciting menu choices such as steaks from local BC farms.  With so many great dishes, one can be hard pressed to make a choice. We recommend the Humboldt squid, Hokkaido scallops, cauliflower salad, and bouillabaisse
536 A Yates St.

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Nautical Nellies

Nautical Nellies

This premier seafood, oyster, and steak restaurant is something to savour. With its hand rolled sushi dishes and prime fresh caught seafood, Nautical Nellies is a well earned addition to Tasting Victoria’s list of top seafood restaurants in Victoria.

This restaurant is situated close to the harbour with open patio views to enjoy while trying one of the many local, seasonal dishes at Nautical Nellies. Choose a dish from their expansive menu and wash it down with a cocktail, brew, or wine of choice. Pressed for a meal choice among so many delicious options? Try one of Nautical Nellies’ popular dishes, like their crab cakes & lobster tail entree, lobster gnocchi, calamari, or lobster dip.
1001 Wharf St.

We encourage you to support your favourite restaurants by dining in or ordering takeout—and, of course, try new ones! Let us know what you think by emailing, or reach out on social media at @tastingvictoria. 


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