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Victoria is home to no shortage of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, all of which offer a vast selection of delicious dishes, treats, and drinks. We asked our readers at Tasting Victoria to vote on their favourites when it comes to plant-based dining. With their voices we have created a list of the top three vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Victoria.

Rebar Modern Food

A renowned and popular restaurant, Rebar is situated in the heart of downtown in Bastion Square, a short distance from the ocean and Inner Harbour. This restaurant serves brunch, lunch, and dinner with a plethora of tasty menu options. Our readers at Tasting Victoria chose Rebar as their top spot to enjoy all the flavours and creativity that comes out of plant-based eating. 

For lunch try Rebar’s spicy noodle bowl with rice noodles, carrots, red peppers, spicy peanut sauce, asian greens, scallions, crushed peanuts, and the possible grilled sesame tofu add on. Come in for their dinner hours and try one of the many amazing dishes that are served at Rebar like their Monk’s curry, almond burger, and more. Rebar also serves a wide selection of smoothies and juices to enjoy alongside any of your meals.
50 Bastion Square

Nourish Kitchen and Café

Nourish first moved into their 133-year-old Heritage Home in James Bay in 2015 and since then they have been a popular brunch spot among Victorians, plant-based eaters and not. Every dish and drink at Nourish is served with an exceptional combination of fresh ingredients and flavours. Our readers at Tasting Victoria chose Nourish as a worthy addition to our list of the top three best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Victoria.

Nourish serves dishes that are wholly unique in creation and design like the Sleeping Beauty oat pancakes and their ever-popular Golden Benny served with soft poached eggs (tempeh for a vegan substitute), turmeric hollandaise sauce, veggies, golden potatoes wedges, farm greens, and dukkah sprinkles. Discover all the delicious options at Nourish where plant-based ingredients and a flare for unique flavours were never more well matched.
225 Quebec St.

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Be Love

As the name suggests, Be Love crafts all their dishes with care, love, and skill. With a menu that will excite any foodie and delight any vegan or plant-based eater, Be Love is a must try for any Victorian. Every dish at Nourish is crafted from scratch, and their menu consists of an overall 95% plant-based ingredient list. Be Love carefully crafts all dishes and menus according to season and local ingredient availability, so you can discover new menu items throughout the year. Our readers at Tasting Victoria chose Be Love to join our list of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Victoria. With its care to detail and flavours, Be Love is a welcomed addition to the list.

You can expect every dish to be created without wheat, gluten, dairy, or any processed sugars.  Try their Karikh sandwich with bitter greens, cashew cheese, and a host of other tasty ingredients on a sweet potato flatbread. There’s a real art when it comes to great cooking, especially plant-based cooking, and by and large Be Love has come to master the art and serve you dishes that both look and taste delicious.
1019 Blanshard St.

We encourage you to support your favourite restaurants by dining in or ordering takeout—and, of course, try new ones! Let us know what you think by emailing, or reach out on social media at @tastingvictoria. 

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Tessa Cowan

Writer at Tasting Victoria