BinBreeze is changing the relationship Victorians have with food waste

BinBreeze is changing the relationship Victorians have with food waste

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We all know composting is good for the planet, but it’s a constant war choosing who has to take out the smelly, dripping bin. What if we told you your compost doesn’t have to stink, drip, or bring fruit flies into your home? Meet BinBreeze, the world’s first organic indoor compost deodorant powder. And the best part is that it was founded in Victoria last year.

BinBreeze will instantly deodorize, kill, and prevent fruit fly infestations and #makescompostingeasy


“I had the inspiration for the product after learning that woodwaste was the largest source of waste that is produced on Vancouver Island,” co-founder Taylor McCarten explains. While completing his MBA program at the University of Victoria, Taylor partnered with PhD chemist Harmen Ziljstra through the university’s incubator program. After working on hundreds of different variations and months of testing, Harmen and Taylor had discovered the perfect formula to make composting easier, using only four ingredients. BinBreeze is an all-natural and non-toxic, odour-reducing composting powder. It not only encourages sustainable behaviour, but also helps to get a better soil.

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How it works

By sprinkling the product directly on top of your food waste, BinBreeze instantly absorbs excess moisture and neutralizes the odour to your preferred scent (lavendersweet orange & cinnamon, or unscented. Better yet, the mixture traps fruit flies and dehydrates them until they decompose in the compost.


The story

After launching in February 2020, BinBreeze is retailed in over 145 stores nationally including many specialty grocers here in Victoria.

With BinBreeze, composting becomes a rewarding easy experience. You’ll also take your bin out less and use fewer bags, or skip the bags completely. Don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself. Find a retailer near you or shop online.

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