Bubby Rose’s Bakery and Café just opened a new downtown location

Bubby Rose’s Bakery and Café just opened a new downtown location

Just a week ago we were heading down Johnson street to visit some local shops and noticed that Bubby Rose’s Bakery and Café has opened its doors just on the corner of Government and Johnson. We all knew that spot as David’s Tea, which had to close this location this year.

It was a great surprise to find a local’s favourite bakery and café downtown now! With their first location opened in 2002, they continue to deliver that cozy family atmosphere with absolutely delicious treats and drinks.

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This is their 4th location including two spots on Cook street and one in James Bay. Each location has a different décor and atmosphere, which makes each location special in its own way. This downtown location has a clean and open look to it. The marble tables, dark blue walls and rose gold accents gives the place that modern feel to it.

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They bake everything in their main bakery and offer mostly breakfast and lunch items. You can also find lots of vegan and gluten free items on their menu. With this new location being downtown, they want to provide that quick hot sandwich, coffee and treat whether you are on your lunch hour or just catching up with your friend during Sunday shopping.

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Bubby Rose’s offers bread, croissants, muffins, tarts, cookies and warm drinks at any of their locations. There is a selection of healthy treats such as bybbymore bars, quinoa cupcakes or fruit chew cookies.

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The café has built a loyal customer base over the last 18 years and hoping that more people try their home style baked treats.

We definitely recommend trying their breakfast sandwich that is made with freshly baked buttermilk biscuit. There are two options to choose from, you can either go for vegetarian or one with smoked salmon.

Everything is very reasonable priced; you can get a hot sandwich and a coffee for around $10. Their mini tarts start at $1.60 and they are a perfect two bites treats.

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They pride themselves in making everything in house. Some of the staff members have been with them for years and they love the family atmosphere the café has established.

You can grab everything from a mini sour cherry tart to a full custom carrot cake.

Bubby Rose’s success over the years comes from a hardworking local family. You can spot Darioush and Andrew Diba, father-son team, at any of the four locations daily. We were told that the bakery name reflects its original Jewish roots where “Bubby” is Yiddish for grandmother. They hope to carry on this legacy of care for customers and the community.

We loved our visit to Bubby Rose’s bakery and café on 606 Johnson street and hope that you can stop by to check it out too. Just to share a little secret with you, we were told that there will be Bubby Rose’s Pizzeria opening next year at the Quadra village. We can’t wait to visit their 5th location and let you know how it is. Stay tuned!

Bubby Rose Bakery and Cafe

Address: 606 Johnson Street, Victoria
Instagram: @bubbyrosesbakery
Hours: 7:30am to 5pm

Written by

Yulianna Shirokaya

Guest Writer