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Best affordable eats in Victoria

You’re having a day out with friends and are looking for the perfect spot for a delicious meal that is not only tasty but affordable. Here is our list from Tasting Victoria on the best places in Victoria for dishes that not only taste great but are also priced reasonably affordable.

sarah maw friends of dorothy

Chef Spotlight Series: Sarah Maw, Friends of Dorothy (FOD)

Leading the kitchen of Friends of Dorothy is Chef Sarah Maw. Sarah is young, female, and queer, which makes her an anomaly in the world of chefs. She’s an ambitious Chef who regularly enters culinary competitions, and motivates her team to get creative in the kitchen! We caught up with Sarah as part of our chef spotlight series to learn more about her and how to make her perfect Lamb Merguez Meatball!

Same stunning view, New inspired horizons at Vista 18

Perched on the 18th floor of Victoria’s beloved locally owned hotel, the Chateau Victoria, you can expect the same breathtaking 360 degree city and harbour views from Vista 18 Restaurant & Lounge as always. But, Vista 18 has a refreshing new direction to serve up to its guests in this post-COVID era, including a freshly renovated space and an inspired new management team, bringing an invigorated energy to its dining experience. We can easily sum up their new concept in three words: authentic, local, elevated.

Chefs Spotlight Series: Chef Castro Boateng House of Boateng Cafe

In our Chef Spotlight Series we were able to catch-up with House of Boateng’s namesake, owner and chef Castro Boateng.  Chef Castro was born in the West African country of Ghana, and moved to Canada when he was nine years old. He studied Culinary Arts at Humber College in Toronto and worked under European Master Chefs Stewart Cameron and Colin Watson at the prestigious Turnberry Resort, in Scotland.