Best Restaurants

First Look at Deer & Dough

A new micro-bakery just opened its doors to the Fairfield community, with cakes, pies, and sandwiches they are ready to welcome the neighbourhood! Tucked behind a patio, and nestled between Martha’s Delectables and Tout de Sweet production kitchens is the small but mighty Deer and Dough Bakery. Formerly occupied by The Cottage Bakery, Deer and Dough have stepped in as the go-to neighbourhood cafe.

Victoria’s Top Thai Restaurants

Why has Thai cuisine achieved such global popularity? Well first, there’s its ability to perfectly balance strong flavours, like spicy chilis, sour lime and tamarind, creamy coconut, pungent fish sauce, and sweet palm sugar. Then there’s the sheer diversity of dishes, from creamy curries to smoky stir-fries and crowd-pleasing crispy spring rolls. Everyone can find something to love at a Thai restaurant.

Chef Spotlight Series: Matt Cusano, Boom + Batten

Welcome to the first installment of our Chef Spotlight Series where we were able to catch up with Boom + Batten’s executive chef Matt Cusano. His self-described simplistic, no-fuss, Italian-inspired West Coast-style of cooking focuses on taste over looks. Matt would rather skip the flair and serve you a perfectly cooked and seasoned carrot that …

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A foodie tour of Oak Bay

Oak Bay is best known for impeccable gardens and gorgeous ocean views. But it deserves equal praise for its food scene, with an incredible concentration of great restaurants, cafes, and delis. So let’s give it its proper due with a day-long self-guided foodie tour.

Here are eight of Tasting Victoria’s top picks in the area. Walk, run, or cycle between them to build your appetite and take in the scenery along the way.

Eggs Benny

The best places to visit in Squamish

Whether you are visiting in the summer for hiking, climbing, and mountain biking, or passing through in the winter for some snowsports, the Squamish food scene will satisfy your adventure seeker appetite. We took a trip through this booming Sea-to-Sky town to give you the lowdown on where to visit.

Experience world cuisines in Sidney, BC

It’s been more than a year where international travel is not a thing. We miss the experiences, but most importantly, the world flavours. The Tasting Victoria team embarked on a mission to try out the best international cuisines in Sidney, BC., and they did not disappoint. From authentic Italian to a taste of Tokyo, here are our top international cuisine restaurants in Sidney.