Best Restaurants

Low carb and keto-friendly dining in Victoria

If you’re trying to stay in ketosis or generally cut down on carbs, you’ll know that it can be tricky to dine in or take out while sticking to meals with lower sugar and starch. However, If you simplify your options by sticking to the basics of low carb—greens, meat, cheese, eggs—you will find an abundance of options across Victoria. Whether that means ordering straight off the menu or slightly modifying a meal to swap out a starch for greens, you’ll find that most places will be able to accommodate your preferences.

Brentwood Bay Resort offers the perfect Island staycation

Searching for a perfect Island staycation? Look no further than Brentwood Bay Resort, tucked in the peaceful harbour located close to the Mill Bay Ferry. Offering luxurious hotel rooms, a spa, marina, restaurants, eco-adventures, and outdoor patio space, this destination will provide you with the perfect balance of outdoor adventure along with the opportunity to pamper your body and tempt your palate.

Monthly Super Customer Service Shout Out! Vis-à-Vis-Bouchon Bar

Vis-à-Vis, meaning “face to face” in French, offers a personalized and engaging experience. The stylish and quaint Vis-à-Vis Bouchon Bar is located in the heart of Oak Bay Village. Bouchon equates to a type of restaurant typically found in Lyon, France that serves traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. The emphasis in a bouchon is not necessarily on haute cuisine but rather a cordial and warm atmosphere. There are small tables and front-row seats at the bar, where visitors are able to interact with the bartender while sipping on a glass of wine, locally crafted beer, or signature cocktail.