QV Cafe and Bakery: Home to huge desserts and affordable all-day eats

You’re seated under a red umbrella, shading you from the summer sun as you watch crowds meander under the arch of Victoria’s Chinatown. A light breeze moves your hair out of your face so you can take your first bite of mouth-watering carrot cake cheesecake on QV Cafe’s spacious outdoor patio. “This was your best decision of the week”, I think to myself as I take a sip of my iced coffee and take in the delectable flavours. 

Unique fish dishes to try in Victoria

Living in Victoria, it’s easy to find a fish and chips eatery serving different kinds of local catches from halibut to cod, battered up and fried with some fries and slaw! We curated a list of unique fish items you should try for a twist on the tasty classics. From fusions mixing West Coast catches with other cuisines, you’ll love some of the new tastes from BC’s waters.