Q&A with Euphoria Bakery

Euphoria Bakery, Victoria’s first sugar- and grain-free bakery just launched last month and it has been a total hit. The Tasting Victoria team had the opportunity to try their products, and we are truly impressed by how good they tasted and how you can’t even tell they don’t have any sugar. We sat down with Lucia Nuechter, Euphoria’s lead baker, to learn more about them.

2% Jazz: more than just a coffee shop

If you’re a coffee lover in Victoria, you’ve likely heard of 2% Jazz coffee and probably enjoyed a delicious brew in one of their cafes. In fact, with 2% Jazz now acting as a wholesaler to other coffee shops and restaurants around town, there’s a good chance you’ve sampled their delightful beans without even realizing it.

Best breakfast sandwiches in Victoria

It’s hard to beat a good breakfast sandwich in the morning, whether it’s a simple brioche with a perfectly cooked egg and melted cheese or a towering concoction of Eggos and crisp bacon. There are countless variations on this classic, all of which provide the perfect fuel to get your motor running on these cooler fall days.

Victoria is a city steeped in brunch restaurants and swimming in great breakfast sandwiches. Lucky us! Keep reading for some of our favourites, plus one intriguing honourable mention.

7 Ways to Start Your Morning Right in Cook Street Village

Nestled right by the ocean and Beacon Hill Park, you’ll find Cook Street Village tucked away in this beautiful, charming, tree-lined neighbourhood that’s brimming with history. With its array of coffee houses and bakeries, patios, restaurants, and local independent shops, there’s always something for both locals and visitors alike.