QV Cafe and Bakery: Home to huge desserts and affordable all-day eats

You’re seated under a red umbrella, shading you from the summer sun as you watch crowds meander under the arch of Victoria’s Chinatown. A light breeze moves your hair out of your face so you can take your first bite of mouth-watering carrot cake cheesecake on QV Cafe’s spacious outdoor patio. “This was your best decision of the week”, I think to myself as I take a sip of my iced coffee and take in the delectable flavours. 

best donuts victoria

Best donuts in Victoria

What’s better than a chewy, sweet, savoury, fleshly fried donut? Here in Victoria, we have more than one delicious place to choose from for donuts. Choose from one or more of these donut shops we’ve listed below!

Best of both worlds: Chocolate and Beer

That’s right, we’re talking about chocolate beers — special beers brewed with chocolate as an ingredient: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cacao beans or nibs, cocoa powder, or even chocolate fudge. Sometimes brewers might even use more than one of these ingredients — and the results can be spectacularly delicious.

Get your Valentine’s Day chocolates from these five local spots

Christmas is long gone, post-holiday diets all but forgotten, but just around the corner is the romantic holiday synonymous with chocolate. That’s right, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day, and we are here to help find the perfect local selection of chocolates for your love interest, your platonic pal, your work colleagues, or yourself—because frankly, we could all use a little treat! We have put together a list of six places to purchase locally handcrafted chocolates. 

cinnamon roll victoria

Victoria’s Six Best Cinnamon Buns

Nothing screams fall like cinnamon and baked goods, so dust off those sweatpants and get ready to indulge! We dug deep and tested out more than a dozen different raisinless cinnamon buns across the city and rounded out the top six.  Yes, we said raisinless… but if you are a fan of those tiny dried grapes in your rolled cinnamon pastries, some of these locations also have options for you. Read on and you might find some helpful tips and maybe even your new favourite!