Pumpkin spice and all things nice. Where to grab a cozy drink in Victoria this fall

There is very little in life that cannot be improved with a hot drink. It can warm us up, or cool us down.  The arrival of fall brings warm scarves, plaid clothing, falling leaves, and a return to baking. However, there is nothing we appreciate more about this season than all of the delicious seasonal flavours that appear at our adored coffee shops. These warm drink masterpieces soften the pace of life. Think about it, you simply cannot “guzzle” a hot drink. 

The most “LOCAL” spirit made on Vancouver Island!  

Stillhead Distillery of the Cowichan Valley has just released their new flagship Van-Isle Rye Vodka. What makes it so dramatically different? Craft distilleries only use grains from within the province of BC. Stillhead takes it one step further as they are the only distillery using 100% rye grain grown and harvested here in the Alberni Valley, near Port Alberni.

Think about that for a moment. Stillhead wants to keep Vancouver Island farmers busy and rewarded for growing amazing products, while also dramatically lowering their carbon footprint by reducing transportation distances by over 1000km, and a ferry ride. While most companies look further and further away to reduce their manufacturing costs, Stillhead looks for local solutions whenever possible.

First look: Victoria Cider Co.

We are thrilled to see another cidery tasting room now open to the public in Greater Victoria.  You can now visit Victoria Cider Co’s West Saanich Orchard and Tasting Room Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am – 6pm.