level ground coffee

Level Ground has all your coffee needs!

Since 1997 Level Ground Coffee, which is locally owned and operated in Victoria, has been bringing sustainably conscious, fairly traded, and 100% organic coffee to Victoria! At Level Ground, you can be assured you are purchasing not only delicious and flavourful coffee but a product that practices fair trade agreements and deals with its farmers and producers.

The Daily Roast with 2% Jazz Coffee

At the ever-popular coffee shop 2% Jazz Coffee you will find the Daily Roast, the latest collaboration with Capital Daily and 2% Jazz coffee. The Daily Roast is a delicious three-bean blended coffee that is not only unique in flavour but is roasted with skill and ethically sourced.

Best of both worlds: Chocolate and Beer

That’s right, we’re talking about chocolate beers — special beers brewed with chocolate as an ingredient: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cacao beans or nibs, cocoa powder, or even chocolate fudge. Sometimes brewers might even use more than one of these ingredients — and the results can be spectacularly delicious.