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Father’s Day Walking Brewery Tour

With warmer weather looming and a plethora of breweries popping up in Victoria, this coming Father’s Day may be the perfect time to get outside and explore some of the best hops, malt, barley and yeast concoctions Victoria has to offer.

Following along the map with three options to choose from in any order that will make every beer lover in your life happy – regardless of their dad status.

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Gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022 in Victoria

This year, celebrate Mother’s day with the gift of something extra special. Find here our curated list of some unique and thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s day this season. Give the gift of something sweet, something bubbly, something sweet/savoury or something to admire, get creative this year and give your mother a gift she can cherish!

Chocolate Orange Tart with Candied Oranges

This rich and velvety Chocolate Orange Tart with Candied Oranges is an impressive dessert to serve during the holiday season. This recipe was inspired by the famous Terry’s Chocolate Orange that makes an appearance this time of year. This homemade Chocolate Orange Tart with Candied Oranges recipe has all of the same chocolate and orange flavours, but is so much more festive in this elegant homemade tart. 

Christmas Table Talk

There is no season quite so enticing as Christmas with the allure of festive indoor gatherings and cozy meals around the table. This is the season of candles and mini lights, greenery and pinecones, glitter and gold—, but don’t limit your imagination to traditional expectations of colour and style. Reinvent your table in the way it best reflects your affection for the holiday season, offering your guests a visual feast that matches the food you serve.

It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas!

Smell and taste are the two senses most strongly linked to memory, so it’s no wonder that holiday baking is so evocative of the Christmas season.  The aroma of gingerbread cookies, spiced nuts, warm rum cakes, chocolate, peppermint, and almonds—, or whatever your preferred treat might be— will be sure to conjure sweet memories as you bake and eat your way through the holidays!  So whether you dig up those classic recipes that grandma used to make, or forge ahead and try something new, most of us would agree that certain special magic emanates from our kitchens at Christmas.