Summer is for Poké Bowls at Bento Sushi

Why we love poké bowls? It is an easy one-bowl midweek meal that tastes absolutely fresh. For lunch or dinner, Bento Sushi’s take on the Poké Bowl offers the perfect balance of marinated raw red tuna or salmon, fresh avocado, edamame, seaweed salad, pickled vegetables on a bed of sushi rice.

Taste of Japan in a Cup!

Paradise Parfait does pop-up each month with their one signature parfait and uses local and organic ingredients whenever it is available and possible. Parfait is simply described as an alternating layer of several ingredients such as chocolates, ice cream, fruits, granola, whipped cream, the possibilities are just endless and paved in a tall cup or glass.

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants to Try This Fall!

Craving some Sushi and or Japanese food? Looking to start Fall off with discovering new delicious restaurants and food? Then give these five hot spots in and around Victoria a try! These restaurants and their atmospheres are diverse and range from casual eateries to fun spots to go on a night out with friends. Some of these spots in Victoria offer take-out and or patio service and dine in. Check out these splendid restaurants for fun flavour-filled adventures!