cabana superflux victoria

Superflux {Cabana}, a retro and futuristic style restaurant serving all the right vibes (and beer)

he newest hot spot to hit Victoria is Superflux {Cabana}, a restaurant with a fun, playful atmosphere and a futuristic/retro mixed design aesthetic. Enjoy simple yet elevated dishes that bring both flavour and comfort with every bite. Superflux also serves an array of drinks, and their very own brand of beers, available for purchase in bulk and single servings. Read below to see what all the hype is about at Superflux {Cabana}!

New Haus on the block

There’s a new haus on the block! Eva Schnitzelhaus opened its doors in the heart of downtown Victoria, taking over the Rain Dogs location on Fisgard Street. This open space has been transformed into an après ski chalet-style restaurant by a skilled team who all have roots in the award-winning Agrius Restaurant. Executive chef and CEO Maxime Durand, along with sous chef Émile Hudon-Donne, created a playful menu with their own twists on German, Swiss, and Austrian classics.

Syrian refugee’s catering business takes off through Facebook

Safaa Naeman’s Syriana Catering is struggling to keep up with demand.

Safaa Naeman doesn’t have much time for sleep. Between a full time job, a burgeoning business, and two teenage sons to raise, most nights she gets just four to five hours of shut-eye.

The Naeman family arrived in Victoria about four years ago as refugees from Syria through a private sponsorship organized by a group of about 20 people.