Introducing the MOD FUNdle

Family dinner will never be boring again. The latest fun-filled food collection to hit MOD pizza in Langford is its new FUNdle! This crafted box creation is sure to bring all the foodie excitement to family dinners, friend lunches, outdoor picnics/events, business meetings, or in whatever group setting where you might need some cheesy delicious pizza!

Top 5 pizzas to order at MOD pizza

At MOD pizza you can find all kinds of pizzas, from cheesy ones, meaty ones and vegetarian friendly ones. Here is a list of the choices of pizzas at MOD pizza. MOD pizza, simple, delicious, original and always cheesy!


MOD Pizza’s new fall features are here!

MOD Pizza is here with exciting new fall features! Bring family and friends down to the Langford location for pizzas, salads, drinks, and more.  A community-based company that always serves the freshest and warmest pizzas, MOD pizza never disappoints! Fall is here at MOD pizza, come check it out today!