Bicycle Pizza serves a new way of doing business

There’s no doubt that restaurants are reinventing themselves, especially since the pandemic started last year and businesses all over the world had to pivot to primarily takeout and/or delivery models.

And it was at the beginning of this year that a new pizza business with a very unique business model launched on the Saanich Peninsula: Bicycle Pizza—an online-only and takeout-only pizza business.

Indulge in Victoria’s best pizza at these 5 local hot spots

With its mouth-watering combination of melted cheese, savoury toppings, and crispy crust, pizza serves a powerful punch. Whether it’s loaded with various veggies, packed to the brim with meats, or garnished with the controversial pineapple topping, pizza reigns king! Check out these pipinghot spots on the Island this season for some carb‘o’licious indulgence like no other!