Christmas Table Talk

Christmas Table Talk

There is no season quite so enticing as Christmas with the allure of festive indoor gatherings and cozy meals around the table. This is the season of candles and mini lights, greenery and pinecones, glitter and gold—, but don’t limit your imagination to traditional expectations of colour and style. Reinvent your table in the way it best reflects your affection for the holiday season, offering your guests a visual feast that matches the food you serve.

Easy table decor

Depending on your budget, you can keep your table decor as simple or as lavish as you choose.  If table space or budget considerations are an issue, an easy solution is to use small poinsettias for your centrepiece. Provide additional colour and pop by using coloured beads and Christmas ornaments and candles. And, as a final touch, with some natural accents like greenery or pinecones.

A traditional Christmas vibe

If you prefer a traditional look then reds and green with gold accents are always popular for the season. Whenever possible, incorporate greenery (live or artificial) as part of your table decor, adding pinecones, nuts, or fruit to liven up the space. Weave accents of ribbon, beads, mini lights, and holly throughout, adding a few Christmas ornaments to your table if you want additional pops of colour.

White whites

Another look that makes for a beautiful holiday table is opting for winter white; this is a bright, fresh look that you can still highlight with various festive greens (fir, cedar, holly). White napkins and a white tablecloth (or if preferred, white placemats) give your table a clean look allowing for any number of options in terms of plates and flatware. White pillar or taper candles can be complemented with silver and gold if you are looking for some additional pop.

Candles, candles, candles!

December brings us the shortest of days, which is why lighting at the dinner table is so crucial to creating the perfect ambiance. While a dimmer switch affords the luxury of muted lighting, the most beautiful type of table lighting and ambiance is candlelight. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a menagerie of all shapes and sizes of candles: tapers, pillars, tea lights, etc.

Once you allow yourself the creative freedom to incorporate holiday elements into your table décor, you’ll be surprised at the pleasure this brings to your guests and to yourself.

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Merry Christmas!

Written by

Dorothy Hawes, BA, MA, AVCM

Guest Writer