DEVINE’s Glen Saanich Batch #6 is coming this October

DEVINE’s Glen Saanich Batch #6 is coming this October


DEVINE’s Glen Saanich Batch #6 launches this fall and every year it gets better and better. Coming off their win at the 2021 Canadian Whisky Awards as Artisanal Distillery of the Year, DEVINE is excited to share the highly acclaimed and much-anticipated whisky release. With age comes wisdom and 6 years into their distillery operations, this whisky celebrates all the insights and learning they’ve achieved.

Authentically grain to glass and made in the tradition of the finest single malt whiskies. Glen Saanich is crafted from Vancouver Island grown and malted barley, aged in first-fill Bourbon casks, and laid to rest for a minimum of 3 years.

Glen Saanich whisky will be available for sale on DEVINE’s website at 10 am on October 18, 2021. Signing up for DEVINE’s newsletter is the best way to stay in the know with the latest and greatest news from DEVINE. In addition to whisky, they also distill Old-World style gin with island-grown botanicals, “rum” they affectionately call Honeyshine made with BC honey, strawberry Eau de Vie from Saanich-grown strawberries, and Head Distiller Kevin Titcomb is almost always coming up with an exciting twist on classic spirits to try.

You can find all their products on their website and at private liquor stores across BC. Keep an eye out for DEVINE spirits at your favourite local cocktail bar too!


DEVINE is a certified craft distillery, meaning raw ingredients are grown and produced in BC, their spirits all produced under one roof and all bottled by hand. The team, led by husband-and-wife Kevin and Kirsten Titcomb, sees spirit-making as a true labour of love and while it often requires more work and investment, DEVINE will always strive to make the highest quality product in the most sustainable way possible.

This year marks a pivot point into DEVINE’s future as a distillery. Leaving their wine-making days behind, they are crafting a spirit-forward future as a family-owned and operated distillery. 

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