Dine Around Restaurants offering take-out

Dine Around Restaurants offering take-out

Photo by Chris Jay

If you’re looking to support local businesses, Dine Around & Stay in Town is the perfect opportunity to experience bold flavour with a set-price, three-course meal.

Dine Around & Stay in Town 2021 takes place from January 14 to February 7.

Not wanting to change out of your comfy clothes? No problem! There are several restaurants offering takeout, so that you can Netflix and chill.

Tutti Delivery is offering a 10% off discount when you use the code DINEAROUND at check out. You can use it on orders over $30.

Here is a list of participating Dine around restaurants offering take-out:

Restaurant doing their own take-out for Dine around:

Ferris’ Oyster Bar and Grill
Finn’s Restaurant
Heron Rock Bistro
The Keg Steakhouse
The Beach House
Irish Times Pub
Lot 1 Pasta Bar
Sticky Wicket Pub

Restaurants doing take-out and delivery in partnership with Tutti Delivery:

Board with Friends Café
JR Slims
Penny Farthing Pub
Six Mile Pub
The Courtney Room
Wind Cries Mary

Please contact the restaurant directly for more information.

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Written by

Amelia Acedo

Editor at Tasting Victoria