Discover Victoria’s Chinatown this Lunar New Year

Discover Victoria’s Chinatown this Lunar New Year

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Famed across Canada, Victoria’s Chinatown is an iconic and popular landmark and is the oldest Chinatown in the country. Whether you’re just visiting Victoria or want to explore the city a bit more in-depth, Chinatown is a great place to start. Tasting Victoria has compiled a few popular spots around Chinatown that serve great coffee, treats, food, and drinks.

Don Mee Seafood Restaurant

Don Mee serves the most quintessential dim sum experience in Victoria: shared plates, constant food, and quick service. This makes it that much more impressive that every weekend there’s a lineup down the stairs and up the street right in the heart of Chinatown. This Chinese institution has been in Victoria for over 80 years, and going is as much a communal experience as it is a delicious one.

538 Fisgard St.


Down Fisgard Street, you’ll find Bao. This quaint eatery serves a broad selection of dishes including ramen, bao buns (Taiwanese steamed buns), starters, fried chicken, bibimbap, Japanese curry, and oh so much more. Bao, since its inception, has been bringing Asian street food into the downtown Victoria core and does not disappoint. 

626 Fisgard St.

Bean Around The World

Coffee should be something savoured and enjoyed, and at Bean Around The World, you can expect quality drinks and food that bring the hustle and bustle of the day to a peaceful halt. This ideally located coffee shop is housed conveniently down the charming streets of Chinatown. At Bean, you can enjoy a cozy environment, perfect for these colder months, and sip and savour one of the tasty paninis, pastries, or perhaps a muffin. Serving teas, coffee hot and cold, you can’t go wrong.

533 Fisgard St.

The Bubble Tea Place

Spot the iconic dragon logo for the ever-popular boba shop The Bubble Tea Place. Serving one-of-a-kind bubble tea flavours and flavour combinations, this boba place is something of a hidden gem. The Bubble Tea Place has been around for over 10 years and continues to serve exceptional boba and service.

532 Fisgard St.

Eva Schnitzelhause

Eva is a newly opened establishment in Victoria serving German- and Austrian-inspired cuisine and fits in perfectly with the diversity of shops and restaurants that are housed in the Chinatown area. Enjoy a tasty brunch at Eva Schnitzelhause or a savoury dinner and drinks. Find unique dishes at Eva and service that’s both helpful and friendly.

509 Fisgard St.

La Roux Patisserie

Are you a fan of pastries, cakes, macarons, and tea? La Roux is the place for you! Bring your friends down this weekend and share some absolutely delicious treats and sip hot fresh tea while discussing the week’s “tea.”

519 Fisgard St.

Fan Tan Cafe 

A focal point in Chinatown, Fan Tan Cafe is situated beside the popular tourist attraction Fan Tan Alley. (Interestingly, the alley used to be part of a gambling district in Victoria, and the name is derived from the gambling game Fan Tan.) Fan Tan Cafe is a local and laid-back Chinese restaurant in Chinatown and is known for its noodle dishes and bubble tea. However, the cafe also serves a plethora of other tasty bites and eats.

549 Fisgard St.

Wah Lai Yuen Bakery + Restaurant 

Looking for a bite of some warm, savoury buns? Some flavourful Chinese dishes, perhaps? Well, look to Wah Lai Yuen for some delicious dishes to try and savour. Try the popular egg tarts, a dash of sweetness and a dash of savoury!

560 Fisgard St.

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Writer at Tasting Victoria