Drop Coffee Service: the coffee service we’ve all been waiting for

Drop Coffee Service: the coffee service we’ve all been waiting for

Photo by Dominic Hall

Do you know where your next cup of coffee is coming from? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just brought it to you?

Drop Coffee Service Co. is a new business in Victoria that specializes in brewing the perfect drip coffee and delivering it directly to you. It is currently the only brewed coffee subscription and catering service in Victoria. They offer single, one off orders for special meetings and events, as well as a subscription service that gives you their expertly brewed drip coffee delivered daily.

Owner Nash Park detected a need in the industry. He’s been working in cafes for a long time, and noticed people ask for this type of service. He started this service, in the best sustainable way possible, this March.

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All their coffee is delivered in a vacuum sealed, ready to use thermal dispenser for easy to serve coffee that is hot throughout the day – they can keep your coffee hot for 12 whole hours.

They serve local Fernwood Coffee, a small locally owned and family run roastery that has been producing award winning coffee for over a decade, selecting from their assortment of blends: medium, dark and decaf along with a rotating selection of their single origins.

If you are ordering your coffee for yourself, for a workplace or event, you have the option to be billed individually, and the more that subscribes the cheaper it becomes.

We got to try this service this week and absolutely loved it!
No dishes, no hassle, no wasted cups.

One of the things we loved about Drop Coffee Service is their flexibility. They are able to accommodate any request and with a short amount of notice. Also, with the specialty brewers they have, they are able to brew and deliver as much 150 cups of coffee with as little as 30 minutes notice.

Their current main customer seems to be small businesses between 5-15 people, usually local, but a great thing about Drop Coffee is the amount of coffee they are able to supply. Whether it’s for a subscription or a catered event, they can supply anywhere from 2 to 1000 cups of coffee. They basically can accommodate whatever the customer needs, no matter the size.

2 Person Package – $19.95/week
4 Person Package – $14.95/week
6 Person Package – $9.95/week
8 Person Package – $7.95/week
12 Person Package – $4.95/week
16 Person Package – $3.95/week
.95 cents delivery per day per person

They also offer add ons to your service package: Cream, sugar, cups, spoons, alternative milks, baked goods and more!

Drop Coffee Service is easy, saves you money, saves you time and it’s zero waste!

If you’re curious about Drop Coffee Service, they offer a one week free trial. Head to dropcoffeeservice.com to start your trial.

Drop Coffee Service

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Written by

Amelia Acedo

Editor at Tasting Victoria