5 great spots to get eggs benedict in Victoria

5 great spots to get eggs benedict in Victoria

egg benedicts in Victoria

When it comes to breakfast and brunch, eggs benedict is one of those traditional staples that many Victorians absolutely love. It’s no wonder that Victoria has such fantastic breakfast and brunch locations dotted around the city. Victoria wouldn’t be the same without them. If you’re also looking for that unique eggs benedict experience, look no further! Here are just a few great locations in Victoria you should try out to scratch that eggs benedict itch. 

Shine Cafe

The Shine Café has been a favourite to local brunch lovers for years. You need only look at their vast selection of eggs benedict to see that it is one of their signature dishes. With eleven different unique styles to enjoy, it won’t be hard to find a favourite. Special mention must go to the classics of all classics… ‘The Classic’. While it may seem normal in comparison to many of their other offerings, the Shine café has perfected their classic benny into an art form using simple ingredients such as smoked ham and hollandaise sauce. Although if you’re looking for something a bit less traditional, consider trying out the Nemo. This seafood benedict includes smoked salmon, avocado, red onion, and their traditional hollandaise is thrown in for good measure. 

As a word of warning: the Shine Café can be very popular at peak hours and it can be tricky to get a table. Arrive early if you’re planning on getting a seat. You might have to wait in line outside the door, but the results are well worth it. 

1324 Blanshard St.
1548 Fort St.

Blue Fox Cafe

Another local favourite, the Blue Fox, lies on the edge of downtown Victoria and this small venue can often be overlooked by passing tourists. This is their loss as the Blue Fox provides excellent all-day breakfasts that shouldn’t be underestimated or ignored for anyone that enjoys exceptional meals. As for eggs benedict, they have ten unique options to enjoy. Each benedict starts with a toasted Mount Royal bagel upon which two poached soft eggs are lovingly placed and covered in their house hollandaise sauce. 

Looking to add some spice to your dish? Try out the ‘Eggs in Hell’ menu option. This unique style adds spicy pork chorizo, tomato, avocado, and chipotle aioli for that extra kick. 

Looking for something a bit more heavenly? Try their ‘Angel Eggs’, which includes fresh arugula, feta, tomato, and a fantastic lemon basil aioli. 

101 – 919 Fort St.

Jam Cafe

A staple of Victoria since 2012, the Jam café has had a fast rise to popularity over the last several years. Their unique menu has much to do with that popularity and it’s no surprise that they’ve become well-known for their breakfast menu. Seven amazing eggs benedict options are available to you to choose from, each offering a unique flavour you’re unlikely to forget. 

Of particular note are the Blackstone and Buffalo Blue Bennies, both of which are worthy additions to any plate. The Buffalo Blue adds succulent buttermilk fried chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, pickled cabbage, and blue cheese to the party. All of this, by the way, is served on shredded hash browns. The Blackstone, on the other hand, includes bacon cured in sugar, roasted Roma tomatoes, chives, and parmesan also served on a bed of shredded hash browns. 

542 Herald St.

John’s Place

John’s Place is one of those restaurants that is famous for quite a few things, but there is a reason that their menu lists their eggs benedict as a ‘hall of fame’. Eight wonderful options await you here, and each is a treat to enjoy. 

If you’re going to John’s Place, you simply must try their Classic benny. This is another example of a simple recipe done spectacularly. It’s so good that their Classic eggs benny was even featured on the Food Network Canada series ‘You Gotta Eat Here!’ It’s definitely worth the time to try it out. 

But that’s not the only benny they have on the menu. They also have several unique plates that break the mold. Of particular interest is the Yiddish Columbian, which uses sliced pastrami and is served on a bed of savoury potato pancakes. 

723 Pandora Ave.

Spoons Diner

Spoons diner has a penchant for comfort food and their breakfast menu is no exception. This diner has nine options of eggs benedict to choose from, including a ‘build your own Benny’ option for that extra level of personalization. Of particular note is Tom’s Benny, which uses a grilled cheese sandwich as a base, along with bacon, chipotle mayo, and hollandaise. But perhaps you’re looking for something a bit fancier? Maybe you’d like to try the ‘Hallouminati’, which includes Halloumi cheese, spinach, red onions, and tomato jam. As an added bonus, all of your breakfast options at Spoons Diner are also served with crispy breakfast potatoes covered in mouth-watering garlic butter to top off your meal.  

2915 Douglas St.

Our island has a vast swath of fantastic breakfast nooks, diners, and cafes to discover. This list is just a taste of some of the incredible brunch locations you can find in Victoria. But if you’re truly looking for that pristine eggs benedict experience, consider visiting one of these wonderful locations and try them out for yourself. You might just be pleasantly surprised with what you find. 

Written by

Clay Sheldon

Guest Writer