Find a cocktail that speaks to you at LURE Restaurant & Bar  

Find a cocktail that speaks to you at LURE Restaurant & Bar  

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Summer is finally here and LURE Restaurant & Bar is celebrating with a fabulous new summer cocktail list. 

Josh Escobar, LURE’s Restaurant General Manager, in collaboration with his bar team and Executive Chef, Dan Bain, have put together a fantastic list of Vancouver Island-inspired cocktails. 

Josh believes you can always find a cocktail that speaks to you. “The world of cocktails is very much like the world of food–ever growing, ever-changing, and vast. The way flavours come together has always fascinated me. A slight change in proportions or ingredients can have a big impact on how a cocktail stimulates your senses or tickles your taste buds. Stir or shake a cocktail for too long and you can dilute a drink too much, almost like burning a meal in the oven,” explains Josh.

Lure’s General Manager, Josh Escobar, and Lure’s Executive Chef, Dan Bain.

 “When I first started making cocktails, I couldn’t find a cocktail that resonated with me but that’s because I was looking in the wrong place. I met a wealth of talented bartenders who when I sat at their bar would ask me ‘Josh what will it be today? – spirit forward, light and refreshing or sour?’ That’s when I started to have fun with cocktails realizing there is no one ‘right’ way to make a cocktail – if you think it’s delicious then it is.”

We all have different flavour palates–Josh is a very bitter person…that is, in terms of what he likes to drink, and his go-to drink is LURE’s new No Seeds Please (Gin, Campari, watermelon, lemon zest, and topped with sparkling wine). For Josh, Campari is a staple like milk in the fridge – it is always in his house.

No Seeds Please

“The key to choosing a cocktail is first understanding what you like. If you like a nice crisp lager, you’ll probably love our new Once More Over the Bridge made with Driftwood Distillery’s new Contact Gin and topped with Phillips Cucumber Tonic Water; or if you love a bold red wine, you’ll have to try our new Wile E Coyote, a delicious bourbon-base drink with a hint of vanilla and orange to balance things out.”

Once More Over the Bridge

Shaken or stirred, come find your cocktail match at LURE Restaurant & Bar.

LURE Restaurant & Bar

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