Finding community and delicious pizza at MOD Pizza: a pizzeria where happiness is a slice away

Finding community and delicious pizza at MOD Pizza: a pizzeria where happiness is a slice away

In the heart of the Langford community you’ll find MOD Pizza: a pizzeria that prides itself on quality pizza and community involvement; a pizza joint where everyone and anyone is welcome. At MOD Pizza, good vibes and great food go hand in hand.

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What is MOD Pizza?

MOD Pizza was founded by Scott and Ally Svenson in 2008 in their native Seattle. From its inception, the west coast pizza joint has been about spreading positive vibes, creating social impact and empowering its employees. MOD Pizza serves not only delicious pizza but also its community, with something the pizzeria likes to call “spreading MODness.” This motto is centred around expressing gratitude with attitude.

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Spreading MODness with Langford MOD owner Jim Hayden

Jim Hayden, the owner of the Langford location, fully believes in the notion that having happy employees translates to every customer feeling taken care of.

Hayden himself understands the importance of community, family and support, especially mental-health support. Over the past 15 years, Hayden has raised more than $50,000 for the Vancouver Island branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Hayden’s personal mission to help those struggling with their mental health has given young employees access to free counselling.

Hayden hopes to open more MOD Pizzas in the future in order to continue his work in the community and use his businesses as a means to help people on a much larger scale. “I see myself more as a guidance counsellor than a business owner.” he told the Goldstream News Gazette. “My philosophy has always been that it’s as much about the people you help as the product you serve. If you put your employees first, everything else will follow.”

A community-based pizza joint

It should be noted that at MOD Pizza in Langford, the pizza names are not just any names but meaningful and touching symbols of connection to the community. Each pizza at MOD has been named after a person who holds a special connection to the restaurant. One such customer was a young girl named Maddy. She was a regular at MOD Pizza but tragically passed away from leukemia. As a testament to this little girl’s love of pizza, her favourite kind—margherita pizza—is now called the “Maddy” at MOD.

The pizza joint also supports a variety of charities each year by working with groups that support and serve youth and families. MOD also strives to support the neighbourhoods located near each MOD Pizza location.

MOD Pizzas and much more

The menu at MOD Pizza offers a wide selection of pizzas, ranging from meat-tastic, to gloriously veggie-topped and even vegan pizzas. MOD’s vegan pizza is made with its signature cauliflower crust, and I promise you this gluten-free crust tastes even better than regular gluten crust! At MOD Pizza one can also have their choice of salads, cool drinks with sugar-free options and even a dessert, MOD cake.

Check out MOD Pizza in Langford for a pizza experience that will not only enrich your taste buds but your sense of community.

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MOD Pizza

Address: 3022 Merchant Way Unit 104, Langford, BC
Instagram: @modpizza
Hours: 11 am – 9 pm daily

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Tasting Victoria