Healthy & Easy Recipes For Home Cooking – ‘Vegan Explosion’ Addition

Healthy & Easy Recipes For Home Cooking – ‘Vegan Explosion’ Addition

Plant-based, hearty and absolutely delicious! These healthy vegan recipes are not only easy to follow but produce wholesome and amazingly satisfying dishes! Whether you’re a meat eater, a seafood connoisseur or a vegan yourself, these recipes are a fun and healthy incorporation into any diet!


Potato Latkes

Ah potatoes, so versatile and always tasty: make french fries, hash browns, chips, and latkes! Potatoes surely are the ultimate addition to any breakfast. This recipe for potatoes latkes creates a crunchy and crispy, flavourful dish, perfect for the start of your day. With simple ingredients, this dish is easy to execute and even easier to eat. This recipe can be doubled, if you are making breakfast for more than two people and clean-up is minimal. Give these potato latkes a try, for a savoury start to your day!


Recipe by @ilovegan


Marinated Tempeh Sandwich

This isn’t your ordinary sandwich; this marinated tempeh sandwich with vegan cheese and sauerkraut is a symphony of flavours. Not only is this sandwich delicious, but it is packed full of healthy nutrients. It is high in vitamins, fibre, protein and potassium. Incorporate this sandwich into your day, for a well balanced meal that is sure to fill you up and awaken your tastebuds. This sandwich is great for experimenting in the kitchen; try this sandwich with avocado, different vegan cheeses, seasonings and sauces to create your perfect sandwich. Hearty and inventive, this sandwich is the ultimate energy boost!


Recipe by @mydarlingvegan



This classic dish is like a warm hug for your tastebuds. It is not only superbly flavourful but nutritiously dense. Traditionally, Jambalaya is made with meat or seafood and has French, Spanish and West African influences. Originally, this dish comes from the French Quarter of New Orleans and is similar to the Spanish dish, paella. Jambalaya is perfect for big gatherings with family or friends. This meal is created by a mixture of various ingredients. Try this vegan recipe, or if you are not a vegan, add any meat or fish of your choice! This meal is filling and delicious on its own, or paired with a side dish. I paired my Jambalaya with some seedy, whole grain bread; perfect for scooping up portions of this mouthwatering dish.


Recipe by @simpleveganblog


Parsley Hummus

There is no better snack than hummus. It’s easy, tasty and flavourful. With ingredients such as garlic, chick peas, and olive oil, this recipe is packed with healthy fats and is rich in fibre. When I make this recipe, I usually like to add some parsley for colour. Another option is to add roasted red peppers! Hummus is easy to modify; add more garlic, less lemon, more olive oil, it all depends on which flavours you enjoy most. If you don’t have a food processor, a blender works just as well; but be sure to throughly blend the mixture after each new ingredient. This recipe is perfect to make for yourself, your family or for friends; an excellent dish for dipping and snacking. Enjoy the hummus with crackers, carrots, peppers or anything you’d like to pair it with. You may never want to buy hummus again after making this recipe!

IMG 3512


Recipe by @inspiredtaste


Wacky Cake

During the years before and after the war, dairy and egg products were limited in stores and for the population at large. What was available was extremely expensive for the average family; thus,Wacky Cake was born! This delectable recipe is not only incredibly easy, but it is sure to be a hit at any gathering. Feeling bored? Try making this cake on a sunny afternoon for yourself, your family or anyone who loves cake. This recipe can be baked as is, or you can add nuts, chocolate, marshmallows or any other fun ingredient. I enjoy baking this cake with walnuts and dark chocolate chucks; nothing like a spongy, chocolatey cake to brighten your day! Wacky Cake can also be made with gluten free flour. If I use gluten free flour, I add some cornstarch to thicken the liquids, adding bulk and texture to the mixture (check your gluten free flour packaging for directions on how much Xanthan gum or cornstarch to use). Try this vegan dessert to awaken your chocolate lover!


Recipe by @cincyshopper

Thank you for reading! Keep calm and eat cake!

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Tasting Victoria