Healthy & Easy Recipes For Home Cooking – ‘Asian Fusion’ Addition

Healthy & Easy Recipes For Home Cooking – ‘Asian Fusion’ Addition

Looking to expand your repertoire of recipes and explore new dishes? Try this collection of Asian fusion recipes! These dishes incorporate a wide array of ingredients and flavours to satisfy any palate and appetite. Widely tasty, healthy and easy; these simple to follow recipes do not disappoint!


Miso Soup

A stable in many Asian households and all across the world, miso soup is both simple and delicious. Miso soup, and the use of fermented beans, dates back hundreds of years. Today one can find both traditional and more modernized versions of the soup. This recipe is one that has both nutritional value and wonderfully potent flavours. I often enjoy miso soup as a simple, light breakfast or snack. For a recipe with such few ingredients, it’s surprisingly filling! This miso soup recipe can be made in under fifteen minutes, and incorporates a variety of vegetables.
Lately, I have been using mushrooms in my miso soup. The flavours in the miso paste pair wonderfully with any vegetable you may choose. The amount of vegetable broth, miso paste and vegetable content is up to personal choice. This recipe can also be easily modified to serve one person. Give miso soup a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Recipe by @minimalistbaker


Tofu Bowl

This rice bowl is a feast for the eyes! Tasty tofu, with fresh cooked rice and greens is one dish that will surely fill you up to tackle your day and satisfy your appetite. This tofu bowl gives you the freedom to experiment with different flavours and vegetables. When making this recipe, feel free to incorporate different kinds of vegetables. Try adding bok choy to your bowl or shredded seaweed. This recipe involves minimal prep time. Try buying some pre-flavoured tofu or tempeh for this dish to cut down on prep time. Wanting to create an all-around healthier diet? Give this dish a try, and wake up your tastebuds to a world of flavour.


Recipe by @lazycatkitchen


Baked Salmon

Flavourful, delicious and full of omega-3s, salmon is a versatile and healthy dish for any meal. This recipe from the popular blogger, Half Baked Harvest, is super easy and involves a minimal amount of ingredients. When I have made this dish, I usually incorporate a side plate to have with it. Try this dish with a side of roasted vegetables or rice of choice, to add some healthy carbohydrates. Baked to perfection, this salmon comes out flaky and filled with flavours. Feel free to switch up the seasoning on this salmon dish, adding your choice of flavours and spice.


Recipe by @halfbakedharvest


Saucy Tofu

A touch of tofu, a dash of zingy sauce and you’ve got one tasty dish! This super easy tofu dish is perfect for a light snack, or with some added rice or noodles makes for an easy lunch or dinner recipe. Tofu is filled with protein and nutrients and makes for a healthy meal any time of the day or year. Tofu is extremely versatile and can be combined with a variety of flavours. Feel free to omit or add your personal choice of seasonings or ingredients, and explore until you find the perfect sauce to suit your palate! Crispy and packed with salty and rich flavours, this recipe will add a powerful punch of tastiness to your day!


Recipe by @thebuddhistchef


Teatime, Matcha Snowball Cookies

Nothing like a cookie recipe to brighten up your day. Anytime I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I love finding a simple baking recipe to whip up. Try this recipe whether you are feeling the blues or high on life!

Matcha is a very diverse ingredient coming from Japan and works well in lattes, smoothies, and in baking. Try this recipe with your choice of matcha; a low grade or high grade one will still work well with this recipe, but may produce a duller or brighter green appearance.

If searching for a cheaper choice of matcha, look for cooking/baking matchas, which are suited for recipes in the kitchen and usually run cheaper than any ceremonial or tea matcha. When adding the dusting sugar, I used 1/4 cup instead of 1 full cup. This recipe’s ingredients are simple and can easily be found at any grocery store or online food shopping site.
Enjoy these simply delicious little tea cookies and make your day a little brighter!


Recipe by @lordbyronskitchen

Thank you for reading! Happy cooking and baking!

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Tasting Victoria