House of Boateng Fine Foods has opened a second location

House of Boateng Fine Foods has opened a second location


House of Boateng (HOB) Fine Foods has opened a new gourmet marketplace/retail store/event venue in Langford. This new venue will house a selection of exclusive ingredients and products from HOB select pantry, where you can discover an array of local products and frozen goods ready-made to assist you in your delicious meal creations. Any frozen products and meals are created and crafted by the expertly skilled HOB culinary team.

House Of Boateng opening

Not only is HOB’s new venue a retail store offering a plethora of goods and fine ingredients, but this new space in Langford is available for events and cooking classes. The venue can house cooking demonstrations for up to 10 guests, as well as offering seating for up to 20 guests for multi-course dinners, and or up to 50 people for a reception-style layout on their finely crafted long table designs. This HOB venue features an open kitchen, large windows, music, and the retail space where their products and goods are sold. You can choose to come and enjoy this new venue to purely shop around their retail space or use HOB’s new venue for social events, intimate gatherings, wedding receptions, product launches, and more.


At the HOB new gourmet market and new event venue, you will find a variety of products and goods through their retail store to assist you in your cooking. Their products include gift baskets, fresh meals, frozen meals, sauces/marinades/dressings, HOB merchandise, gift certificates, artisan products, tea and coffee products, and beverages.


At House of Boateng, they pride themselves on offering quality catering, taking note to capture the vision of each of their clients for their chosen event. Whether it be a wedding or a special intimate event, HOB brings fine quality foods and cooking craftsmanship into every event they are a part of. HOB crafts their flavours and inspiration from the cuisines of West Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Northwest, while also combining these flavours with seasonal ingredients local to Vancouver Island.

Cafe and restaurant 

If you’re looking to enjoy HOB fine foods and creations first-hand, check out their cafe located at 2854 Peatt Rd. #105 in Langford. At this location, you can dine in with friends and family whilst enjoying the delicious meals and food created by the dedicated HOB staff. At this cafe/restaurant location, you can enjoy both brunch and dinner menus.

2829 Peatt Rd., Langford

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Writer at Tasting Victoria