How the Sausage at Haus gets made

How the Sausage at Haus gets made

Each week at Haus Sausage starts a lot alike. 

Fresh, whole animals arrive, the vast majority being born and raised on the island. The main supply of their pork doesn’t need to travel far for the delivery, Stillmeadow Farms in Metchosin provides pasture-raised animals right to their door. After select pieces have been cut and taken for curing, smoking, or drying, the remaining is then dedicated to sausage making.

Haus certainly sticks towards classic techniques when it comes to making sausage. This includes things such as toasted whole spices blended fresh each week, and natural casings for almost all products and you will never find any added binders or fillers, artificial colours, or dyes, which does leave almost their entire library of products under the gluten-free section of your shopping list.

Plenty of fresh, often local produce is also a staple in their kitchen. Take Chorizo Verde for example, one of their best-selling sausages that are 30% made up of fresh herbs and veggies. Sausage mixing and stuffing happen in tandem, keeping the process here as short as possible and letting them get to a packaged and frozen state as soon as possible, leaving the customer with many days before any spoilage.

On average you can find a dozen different varieties of sausage at their store, ranging from their “Smoked Date and Sea Cider” sausage to “Sriracha Blue Cheese”, there’s bound to be a variety for just about anyone to enjoy! 

Visit Haus Sausage at #4 – 515 Dupplin Road, Thursday through Sunday, or
@Haussausageco on Facebook and Instagram

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