Introducing the MOD FUNdle

Introducing the MOD FUNdle

Family dinner will never be boring again. The latest fun-filled food collection to hit MOD pizza in Langford is its new FUNdle! This crafted box creation is sure to bring all the foodie excitement to family dinners, friend lunches, outdoor picnics/events, business meetings, or in whatever group setting where you might need some cheesy delicious pizza!

The FUNdle is a purely delicious bundle of all things tasty and tantalizingly good and includes four MOD-sized pizzas, four No Name Cakes, and one mega salad, all perfect for sharing around.

After you’re done—or you just couldn’t wait to collapse the fun cardboard box—you can enjoy some games added across the packaging that is great for kids and adults alike, including tic-tac-toe fun, a word search salad, MOD-lib mountain, and the sweet escape maze!

Never have a dull dinner, event, or picnic again with the FUNdle!
3022 Merchant Way, Unit 104, Langford

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