Jones Bar-B-Que is coming to a new location in Langford

Jones Bar-B-Que is coming to a new location in Langford

Jones Bar-B-Que said it first on their Instagram page; they are opening a new second location in Langford! Get ready, because on September 24th Jones Bar-B-Que will officially be opening its doors in Langford on 731 Goldstream Avenue.

Jones Bar-B-Que is a local favourite among the people of Victoria, having first opened its door in 2016, and since then has consistently delivered delicious brisket, ribs, burgers, and more. The official opening date for Jones Bar-B-Que’s second location has been set for September 24th! For the latest updates and news from Jones Bar-B-Que’s, be sure to check out their socials regularly!

If you are a lover of BBQ dishes, cooked to perfection from ribs, fried chicken, savoury sandwiches, smokey and marinated meat cuts then Jones Bar-B-Que is sure to be your next favourite restaurant. 

Find hearty Texas-style BBQ dishes at Jones Bar-B-Que, which is housed within a cosy woodsy stylized restaurant. As well as being a popular restaurant Jones Bar-B-Que is also a general store, selling a selection of tasty sauces, such as their smoked jalapeno sauce, and their honey mustard sauce. Along with their sauces, Jones Bar-B-Que also sells jams, jerkies, spices, and a few stand-alone items such as their pickled eggs and green beans.

At Jones Bar-B-Que you will find their meat is cultivated using 100% southern techniques, first learned in the smokehouses in Texas. The meat at Jones is cooked and prepared daily, with their signature ribs ready daily by 11:30am.

Be sure to come check Jones Bar-B-Que in Langford, starting September 24th! Find Jones Bar-B-Que at their newest location on 731 Goldstream Avenue preparing all your favourite cuts of meat, all smoked to perfection.

1725 Cook St, Victoria
731 Goldstream Avenue (new Langford location)

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Writer at Tasting Victoria