Level Ground has all your coffee needs!

Level Ground has all your coffee needs!

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Since 1997 Level Ground, which is locally owned and operated in Victoria, has been bringing sustainably conscious, fair trade, and 100% organic coffee to Victoria! At Level Ground, you can be assured you are purchasing not only delicious and flavourful coffee but a product that practices fair trade agreements with farmers and producers.

Level Ground’s diverse product selection

At Level Ground, you will not only find colourful packaging but an array of coffee roasts and blends, to satisfy any palate on the light to dark roast spectrum. 

Try Level Ground’s ‘medium and lovely’ Ethiopia coffee with sweet and juicy tasting notes, or opt for a ‘medium and rich’ Andes Mountain blend giving round, smooth, and chocolatey notes. For lovers of dark roasts, try the East Africa blend boasting big, balanced, spicy tasting notes. And if you’re looking for all the flavour, but not the caffeine, Level Ground’s ‘dark and jitter-free’ Decaf will give you that delicious, full-bodied taste without keeping you up at night! 

Check out the Level Ground website to find out about all of the different coffees available, and the social impact that you’ll have a hand in, when you purchase their different roasts.

Where to find Level Ground Coffee?

Any coffee lover should be happy to know that Level Ground coffee is sold at a wide variety of locations across Victoria, so wherever you are located on the island, you are sure to find a shop or grocery store that carries Level Ground coffee. Find Level Ground at the following grocery stores: Thrifty’s, Save On, London Drugs, Country Grocer, Market on Millstream/Yates, Costco, and more! 
You can also head over to Level Ground’s website where you can set up a subscription to get your favourite roast shipped right to your doorstep every four, six, or eight weeks.

Tasting Room

Sit, sip and tour around Level Ground’s tasting room and see a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of what Level Ground Coffee is all about. At Level

Sit, sip, and tour around Level Ground’s Tasting Room to see a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of what Level Ground coffee is all about. At the Level Ground Tasting Room you will experience the scenery and views of the surrounding mountains, ocean, and countryside. De-stress and unwind while you try out their array of roasts, and enjoy a curated tasting involving seasonal drinks. It’s an opportunity to see, taste, and enjoy something unique with Level Ground, where coffee and a sense of inner peace go hand in hand.

Tasting Room Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am–4pm, Saturday 9am–2pm 
1757 Sean Heights, Victoria, BC

Seriously delicious coffee

From farms across the world to the Level Ground Tasting Room and roastery right here in Victoria, to your home, and poured hot into your ready cup, Level Ground is all about the experience and richness that coffee has to offer. It’s the simple pleasures in life that bring us joy, and at Level Ground, you can bring a simple dose of happiness into your life and mug with every sip.

Find Level Ground online: LevelGround.com 
On Instagram: @levelgroundtrading & @levelgroundtastingroom
On Facebook: @levelgroundtrading “Level Ground” on FB

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