Low-carb and keto-friendly dining in Victoria part II

Low-carb and keto-friendly dining in Victoria part II

In recent years, the restaurant industry has become increasingly aware of low-carb preferences. More and more low-carb options are popping up on local menus and staff are becoming accustomed to modification requests, which makes ordering based on preferences easier than ever.

This is our second list of local restaurants that will make the dine-in or take-out experience easier for those with low-carb preferences. In case you missed it, check out our first round of low-carb and keto-friendly restaurants.

Il Terrazzo

Il Terrazzo’s misto di carne is a carnivore’s dream. This hefty plate of meat features charred and tender lamb chops, confit duck leg, and grilled chorizo sausage. The accompanying fresh tomato, cucumber, feta, and olive salad makes the perfect side, cutting the heaviness of the meats. To make this meal lower in carbs, ask for no potatoes. They will be happy to swap for seasonal vegetables.

Il Terrazzo

555 Johnson St., Victoria

Jones Bar-B-Que

Speaking of meat dreams, we would be remiss not to mention Jones Bar-B-Que. From their melt-in-your-mouth brisket to their tender pulled pork, Jones has perfected the technique and houses the equipment to pull off a feat that is next to impossible to replicate at home. Whether you want to mix and match meats and order by the pound or share a platter with pals, Jones Bar-B-Que’s Texas-style smoked meats make a satisfying low-carb option and, with Texas-sized portions, will feed your whole crew.

1725 Cook St., Victoria

Swans Pub

Caesar salad is a trusted low-carb staple and most restaurants will put their own spin on it. Swans does an earthy kale caesar salad with purple cabbage, bacon, and a heavy hand of parmesan. To make it low carb, ask for no croutons. Kale caesar salads tend to be heavier and this one is filling on its own, but if you’re extra hungry, get the Haus sausage or the crispy-skinned chicken as an add-on. 

506 Pandora Ave., Victoria

The Ruby

Breakfast is a safe bet for low-carb dining due to the prevalence of eggs and bacon across menus. Not only does The Ruby feature a range of egg dishes and breakfast meats, but they also have a lunch menu with a couple low-carb options. If you’re having a hard time choosing between eggs, bacon, a salad, or their rotisserie chicken, the cobb salad has all of this covered. With a variety of proteins and vegetables, this salad features different textures and flavours with every bite, making it a great option for the indecisive.

642 Johnson St., Victoria


Agrius has some of the best house-cured charcuterie in the city, which remains a constant feature on their ever-changing dinner menu. Agrius focuses on using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, and their rotating menu can work to your advantage if you keep an eye on features and strike when you see something low carb. Staff are also very accommodating to substitutes.

732 Yates St., Victoria

Burger Crush

Looking for something comforting and easy to grab on the run? Burger Crush is a local burger shop that operates out of two locations—a storefront with a take-out window and a food truck—specializing in high-quality fast food. For a low-carb take on a classic fast-food burger with simple and satisfying fixings, order the cheeseburger and request a lettuce wrap in place of a bun. Burger Crush is no stranger to accommodating dietary needs. They also pull out all the stops with vegan versions of their classic burgers and shakes.

787 Fort St., Victoria
1580 Cook St., Victoria

LURE Restaurant and Bar

LURE offers a large menu that features a few lower-carb snacks and shareables to enjoy with a waterfront view of Victoria’s Inner Harbour. If you’re looking to feed a fried food craving, both the crispy chicken wings and brussels sprouts make great low-carb options and are excellent for sharing, given the huge portion sizes.

100 Harbour Rd., Victoria

Do you have any low-carb favourites in Victoria? Let us know! Contact us at info@tastingvictoria.com

Written by

Katie Frost

Guest Writer