LURE Restaurant & Bar Restaurant Chef Promoted to Executive Chef

LURE Restaurant & Bar Restaurant Chef Promoted to Executive Chef

It’s a proud moment when your Executive Chef has been with you for 17 years and you can look him in the eyes and know that he is the right person for the job. After 30 years, Chef Stoneman handed over the reins to Chef Bain and knew that LURE’s concept of Lively, Fresh and Local would continue because Chef Bain is the inspiration behind it.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, he is excited to continue his support of the community and Vancouver Island’s abundance of locally farmed products. Chef Dan enjoys getting the best out of every ingredient he uses.

“I love the fact that every ingredient has flavours, colours, textures, and smells waiting to be unlocked and combined. Whether it’s the simple caramelization of onions or the complex chemical reactions of baking bread, the results are always fascinating.”

Originally Chef Dan wanted to be a marine biologist but found his way to his true passion – cooking. When Chef isn’t cooking in LURE, you can find him spending time with his family (including his dog, Beans!), gardening, reading or disc golfing.

LURE Restaurant & Bar is home to Victoria’s Hottest Patio with the best views of Victoria.  The chef and his team are busy prepping for patio season with the soon-to-be-released summer menu with some exciting new additions working with new local suppliers.

Be sure to come into LURE Restaurant & Bar to see Chef Dan – maybe he’ll even share his famous hot sauce recipe!

And, not to be overshadowed, the bar team are working on their craft as well with some fresh cocktail ideas – perfect to be savoured on a hot summer’s day!

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