Mod Pizza’s newest squad cake is here! 

Mod Pizza’s newest squad cake is here! 

The newest MOD cake to come to Mod Pizza, Key Lime! This tangy and sweet cake will give you that tropical flavour experience to transport your taste buds to warmer destinations!

The Key Lime Squad Cake provides funds to support MOD squad members in times of crisis! Over $1.7 million dollars to date has gone towards employees of MOD who have experienced unexpected hardships! 

At Mod Pizza you will always find quality food, ingredients, delicious food, and an ever-supportive and friendly community!

Inside every delicious Key Lime Mod Cake, you will find a tropical explosion of flavour with tart cream inside and a candy-covered coating, topped with salted sugar. With every MOD cake sold a portion of sales will go towards helping support the MOD squad members in need!

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Writer at Tasting Victoria