Monthly super customer service shout out: Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Monthly super customer service shout out: Bin 4 Burger Lounge

One of the most important attributes of a great restaurant is consistency. Having a consistent experience builds trust with your customers and creates a positive reputation for your restaurant. Consistency encompasses service, food and atmosphere.

The June monthly service shout out goes to Bin 4 who nailed this in each category. On a recent Friday night visit to pick up our take out order we once again experienced their efficient and kind service, and then went home to enjoy another hearty and delicious meal.

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Bin 4 has been a favourite Victoria burger haunt since the first location opened its doors in 2011 at Yates and Vancouver Street. This unique and popular establishment, now celebrating its tenth year, has grown to six licensed locations, employing over 300 people in B.C. The name of the restaurant stems from the wine bins that are found in restaurants used to store wine, and the number 4 is a favourite number of one of the owners.

Bin 4 Photo 3

Whats on the menu?

Gone are the days of the traditional burger, although fear not, as if this is your fancy you can certainly still order one. The unique Bin 4 burger experience includes mouth watering fusions that play up the flavours in, on and beside your burger. There is a large menu filled with your choice of beef, bison, chicken, tofu, lamb, seafood or vegetarian. Each month Bin 4 introduces a monthly feature which regulars eagerly wait for in anticipation of trying something different and unique. The monthly feature is decided with input from the management team, however it is Chef Mike Ringland who takes the creative ideas and turns them into magic in the kitchen. Top any of the patties with house made aioli, which is top of class, and side it with a fresh artisan salad or their house spiced potato chips which will be difficult to stop eating after just one or two. There is an ample starter menu including the now famous Bin 4 Red Onion rings, or perhaps you would like to start off with Deep Fried Pickles. There are also fresh and tasty salad choices offered with the option of adding a protein of chicken, ahi tuna or tofu. Finish off with one of their decadent desserts that would suit any palate if you still have room. Almost the entire Bin 4 menu is created in house with the exception of the burger buns which are locally made by Irene’s bakery. Fries are hand cut, burger patties are hand pressed, and onion rings are hand made. All sauce and dressing are created and perfected by the culinary team.

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In other news

Bin 4 has done an outstanding job of following COVID 19 protocols to ensure the safety of their guests as well as their staff.

On all of our pick up orders we have enjoyed a written message on the takeout bags. Something as simple as kind words can bring such joy. I asked the owners how these messages came about. Bin 4 has bags with their logo on it. During COVID 19 the supplier ran out of these bags so the restaurant was forced to use plain bags for their take out orders. Bin 4 has been very grateful for the community support they have received during these times and so they decided to start writing messages of thanks on the bags because they truly do appreciate the community, their customers and the support they have been given. This initiative has now gone one step further and stickers have been created that will soon be placed on their take out bags proclaiming “Bin 4 Loves You”.

Another exciting thing of note is that Bin 4 are celebrating their tenth year of business and Phillips Brewery has created an exclusive Honey Kolsch beer using local Babes Honey. This delicious beer is offered at all of their locations.

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If you had not had the opportunity to visit Bin 4 Burger Lounge do yourself a favour and go. You will be convinced you have landed in Burger Heaven!

Please see website for details of hours and addresses of each location

Bin 4 Burger Lounge
Bin 4 Burger Lounge

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June Dagnall

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